The colour red is still going strong for the season, which I’m super happy about because I’ve just invested in these AMAZING boots from Pull & Bear at ASOS. I’ve never really considered myself a boot kinda gal – I’ve had essential Chelsea boots for colder months and my Doc Martens, but have always played it fairly safe in that aspect, whereas I’m usually quite bold on the footwear front. These little beauties are game changers, though, and I don’t think boots could get much bolder…











JUMPER Topshop (sale item) | SKIRT Vintage | BOOTS Pull & Bear at ASOS

Red is one of my favourite colours to inject some life into an outfit. I love the idea of a fully red head-to-toe get up, but that’s something I think I’ll have to work up to! For now I think a splash of the shade is ideal to add a bit of rock’n’roll to my ensembles – it’s fab throughout the year but autumn especially makes red pop. I wanted to explore more boot options for winter and give more thought to buying a pair that make me feel good and that really suit my style, rather than sticking to an old black pair.

Part of my understanding of fashion is that it develops and evolves over time, and as I’m getting more comfortable and confident with what I’m wearing I am trying new things and getting to know my tastes more so I can integrate items into my wardrobe that are more ‘me.’ I don’t think I could have found a pair of boots that sum me up more and I get unbelievably excited every time I wear them! The material is buttery soft and the price tag was reasonable (even by my standards) at £44.99 with student discount. Pointed toes give off a sassy vibe and the chunky heels are not only easy to walk in but contribute to the groovy 60s look.

Another item I recently caved and bought is this crazy cool Topshop jumper (sale £20). I tried it on and had my doubts so left it, but it stuck in my mind overnight and I prayed it would be there the next day (it was)! The jumper was the last one in the sale in the Nottingham store so I took a total risk leaving it so long. Thankfully we were reunited and I couldn’t be more chuffed with how it looks. The flare sleeves again enhance the retro feel, and we all know how I feel about stripes. Chunky, monochrome stripes like this are just my cup of tea and give an alternative to trusty Breton tops.

I like the shape created by the oversized top (it’s a 16; I tend not to even check sizes when I buy jumpers and simply try them on because for me bigger is better) compared with the slim-fitting leather skirt. I worried the combination of the skirt and boots might be slightly overpowering however it’s turned out they really compliment each other and it’s so nice to still be able to keep legs bare at this time of year! Granted it was a unusually warm and sunny day for October; I’ll take any opportunity, no matter how rare, to dress for the weather and cling onto tightless outfits. I honestly think in the majority of cases tights ruin a good outfit – for example here bare legs add to the raw charm and help show off the boots, making me feel like an actual rock star (or at least a groupie…).

Lily x

Ph: Jack Smith

6 thoughts on “Humbug

  1. These boots are giving me life! This entire outfit is so unique and I you work it so well! Cant wait to see more of your outfits. Also your pictures are so pretty, and I love the backgrounds x


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