Welcome to my crib

My first ever post on this blog covered the decoration of my university room in halls, and it’s become kind of a tradition since to let you in and give a little online tour of the space I call my own – and my third and final year here in Nottingham is no exception. My taste has developed immensely from my freshers’ room, which I loved but was far more cluttered and densely decorated than now. Last year I toned it down a lot (which now I consider maybe too minimal for my taste) and although I also adored that room, I am super happy and impressed with the way my new one has turned out! I think my experiences so far have prepped me with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and definitely taught me how to make the most of a certain space. Granted, I’ve been lucky this year to have a slightly bigger room than previously, which has given me so many more furnishing opportunities (and means I can finally practice yoga in my own space!!) and a gigantic wardrobe helping me keep unsightly things tucked away and actually accommodate my ridiculous amount of clothes.

I feel like I’ve grasped the ideal balance for my style this time around, and know that the interior visually represents my personality as well as embodying current trends (millennial pink has basically taken over). I’ve managed to achieve my ‘vision’ to a certain extent on a (very tight) student budget; I’m really proud of that and think it just goes to show that your dream room can be achieved by shopping cheap and being savvy – upcycling old furniture is fun and also goes a long way.  A lot I have purchased in bulk from Ikea (you can’t go wrong and there’s something to suit everyone). Obviously there are aspects I would change if I could afford it, and at the end of the day this is only a rented uni house, so there are limitations on how wild I can go! However I’m sooooo happy here and am excited to share it all with you.



My one qualm with the room is that my only two plug sockets are on the total opposite side of the room to where I need them! So to hide ugly cables and wires I’ve been using this dreamy basket from H&M (£17.99), which I’m simultaneously storing linen and towels in. H&M has been my absolute saviour for homeware – every time I walk in there I’m overwhelmed with styling ideas and inspo, they’ve nailed every section with their chic collection and down to earth price tag.


I got the Bowie poster free when I worked at Fopp as it was stock left over. First year I think I overdid it with posters a tad and it resembled a true teenage bedroom! Now I stick to a couple of statement ones (Bowie’s a must) and my trusty world map (because my geography is still shocking). Fairy lights are from Ikea (£4.50) – such a simple addition to any room but they add a homely touch.


The main furniture (bed, wardrobe, bedside table, shelves and desk) was included with the room, but luckily they’re plain and all wooden so easy to dress up and make pretty. I like a white duvet cover because it’s a blank canvas to accessorise with a throw and cushions. Pale, pastel pink is my obsession at the moment, so when I spotted this amazing blanket from Ikea (just £6!! It may still be in store but I couldn’t find the link online) it influenced me to incorporate the shade into my decor this year – something I previously would have hated. I tend to go minimal but with key features and ornaments that are special to me, while having an underlying colour palette. It’s definitely a dusky, retro kind of theme with Scandi inspo and lots of greenery. I matched the throw with this pink ‘Gurli’ cushion cover, arranged with my two old covers, also from Ikea. The big green (gradually dying) plant came with me to my first room in 2015 and has travelled back and forth with me on trips home, its health declining with each journey! It’s a bit of an eyesore now and I probably should let it go but I can’t (tips on saving plants welcome)!


This year I’m really focusing on the fashion side of my blog, aiming to do two posts a week and putting all of my spare time and efforts into styling outfits. I spotted this clothes rail for £6.95 (again from Ikea) and thought it would be a great place to brainstorm ideas, rotate and showcase my favourite pieces to encourage me to create content for upcoming posts. It gives me a clearer place to organise garments I haven’t yet shared with you on the blog, and match everything up – like a physical moodboard. This month I’m feeling all of the autumn colours and styles, especially my INCRED red boots which will be featuring in their own post very soon…


I have lots of jewellery, but only several pieces I wear pretty much every day which I keep on my bedside for easy access in the morning (less time faffing around = more time in bed). This matte grey tray (Ikea, £4) helps keep it tidy and together without things getting tangled; plus it looks super chic with my other bedside essentials grouped on it.


This tapestry is an item I’ve lugged with me to university each year because it’s so versatile and airs a boho charm. I find the desks in student houses are generally boring and ugly, so I usually throw over a tapestry like this to give it instant hippie vibes and brighten the corner up. The mirror was already here when I arrived which is handy because you can never have too many!


I am completely and utterly besotted by this adorable mustard yellow table. The colour is one of my favourites and, despite my fears, compliments the colour scheme I’ve got going on really well. I’ve been eyeing it up for weeks and was going to buy it on my Ikea haul in Cardiff but they’d run out of stock, so I finally got my hands on it this weekend! For £20 it’s unbelievable value for money, and it comes in a range of colours, too. The best part though? The tray is removable – perfect for making a cuppa in the morning and setting it down without any hassle.

H&M home do a stunning selection of rugs in a variety of patterns, textures and shades for affordable prices. It was a really tough decision but in the end I opted for this geometric bluey-grey style and am pleased with how it fits.



An example of how cool an old chest of drawers can look after a fresh lick of paint! I found out this room lacked any sufficient drawers, so took my old shiny white ones from home (which were going to waste) and decided to upcycle them into something a bit funkier. With the help of my bro-in-law, who sanded it down for me to eliminate the sickly sheen look, we then painted it with the leftover grey from decorating my bedroom and I found some groovy handles to replace the dull predecessors. I decided a mismatched few would enhance the retro, shabby-chic aura and voila! they’ve really spiced the place up and provide yet another surface for me to pile with plants and mags.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into my third year home, and that it has possibly given you some ideas for your own interior. It’s still a working progress for me and things will probably move around slightly, but I’m loving the chilled atmosphere and feng shui of the layout as it is for now.

Lily x

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