Lust List: October

I have just returned to Nottingham for my third (and final) round of uni life, which is super scary but also crazy exciting at the same time (sorry for missing a post last week, I’ve been busy working until the last minute at home and packing)! I’ve had the most incred two years here and met some of the most important people to me during my experience in Nottingham Trent, and I’m hoping this year will be as fun-filled and special as the others (let’s forget about the huuuuge work load and dissertation for a min). Although I’ll be trying my best academically and taking all opportunities that come my way, I want to hang on to the magical world that is university and therefore embrace the night life, ease of socialising and, of course, the cool and quirky city of Nottingham. On that note, I’d like to dedicate this post to third year, in a kind of ‘cheers’ to everything that’s brought me here so far and everything to come in the future! Here are some bits I’m lusting over this autumn that would really help coax me out of bed on those ugly hangover days…

1 – The Mustard Duvet. So, just as my millennial pink obsession is spiralling out of control, the autumn contender comes out to play. Yellow is such a beautiful and happy colour, which I love but unfortunately can never pull off wearing due to my paleness, but the mustard shade is a totally different story. Lost somewhere between yellow and brown, the dusky tone is one of my favourites; one I can not only wear but that looks dreamy highlighting an interior with several key pieces. This washed linen duvet cover from H&M home is certainly one of those pieces, and maybe *just maybe* it could live in harmony with my current pastel pink theme.

2 – The Buckle Trousers. There’s not a lot that these Mango trousers haven’t got going on. The ruffle detail, spot on Prince of Wales check print and straight-leg style is ideal for the coming months, and to top it off the flattering high-waist is decorated with a chic tortoiseshell buckle. They’ve really got it all – except a space in my wardrobe (yet).

3 – The Table Lamp. Student essential – there is nothing worse than poor lighting. And this year’s uni house has the worst; but that’s nothing another lamp couldn’t fix. This rose-gold coppery look style from Habitat would easily fit on my desk, providing another source of light for ‘studying’ (getting ready).

4 – The Giant Gold Mirror. Nuff’ said. The bigger the better – what more could you possibly want other than the perfect outfit selfie mirror to procrastinate with? I’m digging gold at the moment (no pun intended), and an old-fashioned gilt frame like this seriously appeals to me. A one-off investment would mean it could fill a space wherever my path takes me after uni; one of those items of furniture that carries meaning and history and has the character to suit any home interior. I think these things are best found antique or in charity shops / sifting through sites like eBay, which is where this beauty is from, as opposed to being a mass-produced product from a chain store.

5 – The Handy Table. Anyone else feel like they just don’t have enough places to put things? I’m an avid plant collector so my room often resembles a rain forest and I could always do with an extra tabletop to dump them on, along with my growing collection of books or candles. I spotted this awesome little table in Ikea, and am waiting to go back and get it when it’s restocked in my nearest store! The pastel shade reconfirms the wonders that yellow can do in a softer tone, and I can see it lodged at the end of my bed with some books stacked up on top and a trailing plant for the finishing touch. The best part? The top shelf is removable to use as a tray. Breakfast in bed anyone? Student life at its finest.

6 – The Book Bag. A lil’ more trendy than its primary school predecessor, this funky fluffy bag from Mango is just the ticket. 9am lectures? Not a problem if I’ve got arm candy like this! The right size to fit all my crap for the day and soft enough to be used as a pillow in the library when it all gets too much. I love how the colours resemble autumn so well; the deep and vibrant landscape is one of my favourite parts of the season and heavily influences my wardrobe, so this bag would compliment that immensely. The boxy, metallic handle is the icing on the cake, and I’m desperate to get my hands on it!

7 – The Red Boots. Red shoe saga part two. Sadly I had to wave goodbye to my beloved crimson dolly shoes the other day after they began falling apart (a combination of Zara sale prices and complete overuse throughout the whole of summer) but it hasn’t taken me long to replace them as I’ve already ordered my red fix for the winter: these statement boots from Pull & Bear at ASOS. I’ll be on high alert until they arrive and will definitely put them to the test over the next few weeks!

8 – Vinyl of the Month. An oldie but a goodie – The Wombats Glitterbug is one of the soundtracks to my time at uni. I listened to the band increasingly before moving in 2015 and played their battered CD on repeat in my little Fiesta to and from home and ‘home home’ (as fellow university kids will know it). When I saw them at Reading fest last year something clicked in me and I realised how cool and relatable they really are, and I’ve been even more obsessed since then, particularly with this album. Glitterbug is a fitting album for both the colder months and adult life, with my two favourites ‘Give Me a Try’ and ‘Greek Tragedy’ summing this up. That romantic vibe of anticipation and nights out is present throughout, as well as capturing the buzz of the city, and therefore it will always remind me of my time in Nottingham!

Thanks for reading,

Lily x



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