Camel coat and talking style inspiration

My love of autumn most probably stems from the fact that it’s officially time to hunt for new coats. Those dreamy, rich seasonal colours and amazing textures and styles are everywhere and it gets me so excited to layer coats over jackets and jackets over jumpers!

I also want to dedicate a lil’ bit of this post to my personal style, who my biggest influences are and how it revolves heavily around vintage and pre-loved pieces (not only because I’m student-poor and have to cut back a bit to be able to fulfil my shopping habits and feed my love for clothes, but because that feel of something old and a bit retro has always felt good to me and the look I adopt).











COAT M&S (from Red Cross) | TEE H&M (old, similar here) | JEANS Topshop | BOOTS Doc Martens (from Tenovus) | BAG Oxfam

Most of my accessories in this ensemble are from a charity shop, like these Docs which I acquired for just £3 in the summer, and this INCREDIBLE bag I just can’t get enough of! I’ve worn it every day since I bought it, it’s so simple and classic and compliments my wardrobe so well – and it was £1.99! The retro shape is adorable and the clasp is really handy, and while usually I need a huuuuge bag to lug round all my “essentials” (1.5L bottle of water to try and keep hydrated, unnecessary magazines just in case I get the chance to read) it’s super refreshing to have a mini bag for a change (it’s really fun to swing around too, as seen in the photos).

I picked up this suede coat the other week for about £6 in a Red Cross near me, and even though the weather hasn’t been cold enough I’ve been desperate to wear it!! The day we shot this it was actually a bit of an Indian Summer day and too hot for a jacket (and I was majorly hungover) but I loved the way it looks with the whole outfit so wore it anyway. I’m waiting for the chilly, frosty days when it’s cool enough to team it with my thick knitted brown scarf. The camel colour is beautiful and the back detailing really differentiates it from other casual jackets; the texture is soft, with a suede feel and the inside is lined in with a lovely silk material. Oversized is generally what I go for in coats, and this is a size 16 (so a few sizes up for me) and will snugly fit a knitted sweater underneath – perfect because I’m terrible for feeling the cold!

This outfit is my typical casual style – a striped tee (obviously) and faded jeans, with boots to update for autumn. I always go with what feels natural to me, and never wear clothes I don’t feel comfortable in because it really shows (trust me, I’ve been there!!). My Mum has always integrated the saying into me ‘if you don’t love it, don’t buy it’ and I swear by that otherwise I’ll end up with those items pushed to the back of my wardrobe that I just won’t wear. There are several pieces I’ve got I’ll wear time and time again, simply because when I purchase them I know they suit my style and will slide right into my looks. I have others that I bring out occasionally, which also enhance my fashion taste, but are statement pieces.

I truly love how individual personalities attract certain styles, and that no two fashion identities are the same. However, we all have influences of some sorts, and today I thought I would share some of mine…

I will forever be inspired by eras of the past, including the sixties and seventies mainly. Mods and rockers are perennially cool, and that contrast of  ‘swinging sixties’ mini dresses, funky patterns, Harrington jackets and motorbike chic’s worn leather and black clothing is so appealing. Twiggy and Jane Birkin are two completely alternative but relevant style icons from that decade that have had an impact on the way I consider styling and outfits. Twiggy is so quintessentially British, with her bold colours and fabulous dresses, while Jane has her effortless Parisian vibe with that straw bag, natural face and relaxed denim and cutesy clothing. Both have given me styling ideas and encouraged me to think outside the box, especially igniting my inner vintage shopper; I probably have them to blame for my ever-growing collection of charity treasures!

I have mostly been big on colour from a young age (although we all have days where only black clothes cut it) but the confidence to wear it has come with time and practise. These days I’m not scared to throw on a bright, bold jumper, funky prints or patterns or mix them up a bit and clash, and now wearing monochrome without a splash of colour feels a bit alien and boring to me. I like the risk of wearing whatever you want – walking down the street and wondering if people think you look good or ridiculous! I think part of this attitude has come from band culture and those I grew up listening to. Boy band swagger has long been a thing, and they walk a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Arctic Monkeys (who often sway over that line) were the first band I really connected with and related to my life, and mark a turning point for my taste in fashion. I must have been about fifteen and thought the world was against me, so quickly became obsessed with their deep poetic lyrics and nonchalant outlook on life – it fascinated me that musicians could be so cool and unfazed by life (after those teenage years filled with pop music). Their clever words and heart-wrenching ballads soothed me, while I danced to their more upbeat tunes and was completely besotted by the time the AM album came out. On top of their alteration to my music taste, though, I loved their retro style. From the tame, urban look they entered the music world with, to the sleek, polished retro inspired look they have adopted (and everything in between). They are the reason I love denim and band tees and shirts and funky jackets and will always hold a place in my heart.

On the topic of Alex turner, we can’t miss out Alexa Chung – who together made the indie scene’s coolest and most desirable couple, and coincidentally are both on my inspo list. I assume Alexa probably tops many fashionistas lists, with her totally unique and gorgeous aura. She is the reason I desire a leopard print coat, wear dolly shoes and breton tees and if I am ever feeling lost for outfit plans or seasonal updates, she is the first person I google.

So there you have it! There are many more wonderful people and bands that have had an impact on my personal style, but these are the first that come to mind! This one was a bit of a jumble of words and thoughts, so thank you for reading if you made it to here!

Lily x

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