Dreamy Dungarees

If I had to choose one outfit style to wear for the rest of my life – a daily uniform if you will – it would have to be dungarees and a stripy tee. I usually have them on rotation anyway, and love how such a classic look has become the staple of my wardrobe. The simple style is so perenially chic, always hitting the nail on the head with relaxed Parisian vibes while simultaneously making a silent statement.

Dungarees are a garment I’ll turn to again and again, usually if I’m in a rush or feel at a loss – I think they work best when you just throw them on and go, complimenting that messy-hair, minimal make-up trend to create an understated, casual outfit. I also believe dungarees are something best found in vintage shops. The level of quality is clear through the aged denim and the styles are unique (especially from a store like Cow Vintage, where they upcycle and add their own designs / tweaks) meaning you can mix it up a bit and find something individual to suit your personal fashion. If trousers aren’t your thing, there are plenty of variations out there like pinafore dresses.













DUNGAREES Tommy Hilfiger @ Cow Vintage | TEE H&MTRAINERS Adidas @ ASOS

Tommy Hilfiger is having a BIG moment right now, and that preppy American flair is still so relevant today.  The contemporary clothes they’ve just sent down the catwalk for the ‘Tommy Now’ SS18 Campaign are super cool and very rock’n’roll inspired, but those iconic, colourful college themes still heavily run through the range.

I think that’s partly where my love of these funky dungarees comes from – the light-hearted and youthful aspect of it all. The brand knows how to incorporate joy into their clothing which in turn reciprocates the fun personalities and experimental, care-free style of those who wear the clothes, irrespective of age. I certainly feel edgy and free spirited in these incredible dungarees, and think they represent my internal bubbly and crazy side, making me feel confident and happy in what I’m wearing – which is exactly what fashion is supposed to do.

The baggy fit, retro label and groovy flares combine to manufacture such a dreamy piece – so much so that I would happily live in them all the time. The many pockets mean that these dungas are ideal for a day/night out, as I can slot all of my bits and bobs in those (particularly the front chest pouch for easy phone access) and not have to worry about matching a bag with the ensemble – not always the easiest task with an jumpsuit, let alone a denim one! (Warning: when you go to the toilet, remember to take said items out of your pockets before dismantling the straps or you may lose your phone, money and ID underneath strangers’ cubicles… trust me, I’ve been there)

I am in love with this H&M tee too – it looks fab under the denim (predictable as always with my trusty stripes) and adds to the energetic and juvenile aura, while managing to also look slick, sophisticated and effortlessly French. The material is amazing: so thick and soft considering this top was just £12.99, and the oversized, slouchy fit makes me super happy. The lightening bolt patch only enhances the vibrant angle of the outfit.

I was chatting to someone the other day, who mentioned that fashion is present and invested in in some form by all of us – even if we don’t realise or appreciate it – as an embodiment of who we are. It’s like a subconscious decision made by all of us when choosing the textures, materials and patterns that aesthetically please us most. It is also represented by where we shop and those influences current fashion and designers have on those clothes. The conversation really opened my eyes to how every outfit we pick contributes to showing the world who we are, in a quiet little everyday protest – and I think this is definitely true for the above ensemble! There isn’t a look that could describe me better.

I’m super excited to be heading back to uni next week, although I’ve had a fab summer it has gotten to that time where I’m ready for the challenges my third and final year will bring. I will be moving into a new home (which I cannot wait to decorate!!) and exploring the city again, but I can’t help but be sad that it will be for the last time. I’m making the most of Wales before I go back though and taking every opportunity to shoot in the pretty scenery where I live. These photos were taken at Llangorse Lake, somewhere I often forget about but one which surprises me with its beauty every time I go.

Lily x



Ph: Anna Herring

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