Spreading the love

Social media has its good and bad points, but at the end of the day it affects us all in some way and the majority of us use it for some reason or another. These days it’s difficult to ignore the importance of apps and the internet to our society, especially for businesses and consumers, even if we wish times were simpler and our generation wasn’t so social media obsessed. It can often be easy to judge others via Instagram or Facebook – maybe even more so than in real life, because individuals are exposing vulnerability and opening themselves up for discussion by posting a photo or status about themselves.

It is undeniable that much controversy has been caused by social media, but it is also undeniable that it plays a very significant role in our contemporary lives. While there are negatives, there are also major positives too… Recently I have found that a lot of support and motivation can be shared on platforms like Instagram (if you ignore the fact that there is also usually an overwhelming amount of hate out there too). Friends, strangers, likeminded bloggers – pretty much everyone seems to be going through an amazing phase of spreading the love right now, from commenting kind words or encouraging each other and singing people’s praises. It doesn’t get much better than that, so does it really matter that the compliments are being sent on screens rather than real life?

Through these sites we can meet new people and help others, while gaining inspiration and inspiring ourselves. Social media can be misleading as a digital world and an alternative version of reality that isn’t always true or trustworthy, but it is a fabulous place to put your brand out there and gain publicity, while spreading the love! And on that note, I thought I’d share some of my favourite accounts from my favourite app, Instagram.

Fashion Bloggers


@thefrugality has had a serious impact on me as a blogger. Alex Steadman was one of the first fashionistas I followed and I totally adore her style in everything she shares. From her incredible home updates and amazing wardrobe, she’s got me obsessed and she is definitely responsible for coaxing out my chic side!

shot from the st

@shotfromthestreet is a pro at styling modern clothing but with a vintage-tinted twist. Lizzie’s taste is beautiful and she mixes things up in ways I wouldn’t even dare to dream of and pulls all of her outfits off wonderfully! She makes the simplest, plainest (but prettiest) clothes look out of this world, and shoots in unique and well-suited locations. Her oversized jackets, dainty jewellery and interesting silhouettes inspire me every day!


@alicecatherine has the dreamiest vintage wardrobe going on, and it’s totally given me the courage to be more adventurous and experiment more with vintage pieces. I’ve always loved and shopped retro and charity shop clothes, but have often been stuck on how to style them day-to-day without coming across a bit extra… her elegant feed is relaxed and minimalist but always eludes a touch of sparkle!


cate st hill.png

@catesthill is my inspo when I’m feeling very stripped back and minimalist. Her gorgeous combinations of grey, black and white, and green are so relaxing and her heavily Scandi-influenced home, laden with an abundance of plants, candles and books, is something I often use as a blank canvas for my own uni room before I add my funky colours and objects. The neutral side of things has never looked so good!

hunting for george

@huntingforgeorge… I love this account for their cool aerial shots, maximising the use of their warehouse space filled with actual interior goals decor. The cosy bedding to the fancy canvas prints and plants galore; it’s always a winner when I see one of their posts popping up on my timeline.


@plantsonpink I never knew how much I needed my daily dose of greenery on pink until I followed this user!! I am LOVING pink right now, and have always been an avid plant collector, so a genuine account dedicated to those two special areas of my life has seriously brightened up my horizon of a pink/green ratio… and made me question painting my entire room pink.


2017-09-19 (4)

@wearecow is undoubtedly my favourite vintage store ever. I’ll always be impressed with their effortlessly cool stock – you can just buy one item and let it dominate your wardrobe forever (I’m talking about you, Tommy Hilfiger dungarees). I also think it’s super awesome how their stores in different cities have individual flare and each have a distinctive look and vibe to offer, rather than all being a copy or clone of each other (how boring). I don’t think I’ve ever entered and not succumbed to buying anything, so they must be doing something right!

by far

@byfar_official Although slightly (massively) out of my price range at the moment, you can’t fault By Far for it’s efforts to tempt me into buying every pair of shoes they sell. The styles are right up my street – old-school, ugly and the most dreamy colours. Forever my shoe inspo, I’m just waiting for the day I can afford my own pair! Not only is their account focused on footwear, either, but demonstrates that Parisian flamboyance SO well.

Cool Kids


@haimtheband are talented not only due to their musical excellence, but their fashion sense, too. I can’t help but wish I was their fourth sister so I could be a part of their impeccable rock’n’roll style, consisting of dazzling white denim, chilled out indie garms and what may possibly be the coolest oversized coats I’ve ever laid eyes on.


@beadodds I’ve always said a lil’ internal thank you to this sassy gal, for getting me into blogging in the first place. Her blog was the first I ever read, and her Insta feed the first I fell in love with. She has a timeless, natural style and knows how to make an outfit pop. Bryony now runs ultra-motivational twennywun, an online magazine written by girls in their twenties for girls in their twenties but is far from your average glossy fashion edit, revealing a much more raw and inspiring collection of articles.


@confetticrowd are the most colourful, spectacular, sparkly, confident group of funky festival females I have ever seen – and I most definitely want to be a part of their crowd. The absolute pinnacle of festi fashion, these guys have self-esteem to boot and empower their followers to feel the same. The clothes are so fun and shiny, their attitudes to life are exciting and vibrant and their feed is full of festival inspo for next summer!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering who inspires me on a daily basis – I’d love to know what your favourite Instagram accounts are!

Lily x


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