Twin Peaks Inspo

I’ve recently been sucked into 90s TV series Twin Peaks, and not just for the cheesy romances, hilariously repetitive soundtrack and mild horror (about the only horror I can handle) surrounding the cosy little town. While the mystery of Laura Palmer and the dark secrets hidden in the storyline are gripping, the retro interiors and vintage outfits are what really have me hooked. I’ve been getting some seeeerious autumn / winter inspo just from watching it, and it’s making me want to stock up on all of the oversized, chunky knitwear and tartan that I can get my hands on. The colour scheme is dreamy for setting the tone for my autumnal wardrobe; showering me with all the browns, reds, golds and greens I could wish for.

The incredible Great Northern hotel gives all the vibes of a toasty warm, fire-lit mountain lodge, with its vast wooden design laden with Aztec detailing, and big rustic rugs, swamped by pine trees. It’s the raw, pared back wooden furniture that adds to the countryside feeling and has me dying to recreate the snuggly autumn colour palette. The supernatural and blurred lines between dreams and reality are some major themes in Twin Peaks, which in turn provide some beautiful and luxurious set designs such as rich reds contrasted with monochrome.

As for the fashion scene, the cold logging town paves way for lots of knitted dresses, midi skirts and jumpers in that baggy, masculine 90s style  – basically the comfy but smart pieces we lust after at this time of year. Think pencil skirts, swaddling coats, thick trouser suits, chunky biker boots and the ugliest cable knits your mind can conjure up.

Our hotel room in Manchester (below) oozed Twin Peaks decor, with it’s huge wooden mirror, zigzag carpet and grey chair, totally reinforcing my love for the show’s ambience.

Get the look

collage-2017-09-10 (3)

1 – Velvet cushion cover, H&MThe simplest way to cast an autumn spell over an interior is by mixing up accessories – throws, cushions and rugs all have an easy but strong effect in pulling together the look you want to create. The velvet of this cushion emits the old-school luxury present in Twin Peaks, while the mustard colouring keeps it autumnal.

2 – Monochrome chevron curtains, VeryThese curtains actually hang in my bedroom at home – I snapped them up when I was redecorating after spotting them online for the very reason that they give me that vintage, 90s feeling. The pattern reminds me of the flooring in the eerie dream scene (see first collage) and the black and white leaves room for colour to be made up elsewhere. I love them in my room, they’re super groovy and have a certain grainy quality that I’m a huge fan of.

3 – Wooden side table, LoafI’m a bit fickle when it comes to both fashion and furniture, in that I’m torn between old and new. In a sense I suppose I like a mix of vintage, old-fashioned items and modern pieces, relating to brands as well. There are some well-established brands that have long been on my radar but I’m completely devout to the high street too! In this sense I think an aspect of my dream home would be having some things that are as authentic and raw as this wooden table. It’s minimalism in a different form, as the basics are still visible and I love that rough-around-the-edges style you don’t get with most impeccably finished wood furnishings. It’s a really unique and versatile design that could be a coffee table, bed-side table or even a centrepiece with a plant and some other ornaments on it – PLUS it’s made out of recycled elm from old buildings!! It looks like it’s come straight out of the Great Northern.

4 – Metal framed mirror, H&MI’m not sure if I’ve splurged much on here about my adoration for H&M home, but it always has a crazy-good collection and if I’m in the store I spend a ridiculous amount of time narrowing down what I can buy to fit within my limit because everything is incred. This mirror is no exception and, hung next to a potted plant of course, would add a touch of glamorous autumn chic with those sharp lines and golden frame (AND it’s only £17.99!).

5 – Patterned cotton rug, H&MSORRY for H&M spam but it’s just too good to miss out on! I’ve actually purchased this rug in the dark blue for my uni room, but it was a pretty tough call between that and the yellow. The geometric pattern is so funky and I’m obsessed with this colour!

6 – Ice pink mix, AcneSoooo this is way out of my price range (however one day I would be beyond ecstatic to have an Acne sweater to call my own) but it’s a fab source of inspo and definitely resembles a jumper that Donna, Lucy or Audrey would die to get their hands on! The jumper looks warm and enticing for the cooler months, made better only by its slouchy fit and so-cute-it’s-ugly brown pattern.

7 – Check long sleeve coat, French ConnectionAgain a lil’ bit on the expensive side but a great investment piece, this amazing coat would remain on trend season after season with it’s classic aura. Ideal for layering over knits, dresses, tights, trousers, you name it… The pattern, which offers up an impressive selection of compatible autumn colours, combines with the woolly fabric to serve as a wardrobe staple fit for the set of Twin Peaks.

Lily x

(All images from first collage taken from Pinterest).


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