Lust List: September

Autumn is upon us, and after the excitement of summer has died out (along with the decent weather) I couldn’t be happier to start the transition to the cosy jumpers, thick trousers and boots that await us. In colder months I always consider myself a summer person, and vice versa by the end of “summer” so I think it’s just a ‘grass is always greener’ kind of situation. I love the variation of clothes, warm, inviting colours and the excitement of different ways of layering that come with autumn, and the anticipation for (dare I say it) Christmas!! My absolute favourite time of year without a doubt. The concept of snuggly coats and dark evenings curled up by the fire appeal to me as much as long, summer evenings spent in a beer garden soaking up the sun. However, now those days are almost gone, I’m focusing on updating my wardrobe – spoiler alert, it contains a lot of red.

1 – The Slogan Jumper. Just because we’re swapping tees for sweaters, doesn’t mean we have to let go of one of the best trends at the moment. I’m bringing the slogan styles into autumn with me, inspired by this incred Bella Freud 1970 knit. I can picture it nestled under an oversized jacket with skinny jeans and boots to brighten up a chilly, gloomy day.

2 – The autumn dress. Zara are KILLING IT right now – can we please talk about this amazing stripy slip dress! It’s the right balance between classy and cool, the ideal crisp white to compliment those dreamy autumn reds, golds and greens (I’m imagining an oversized green jumper pulled messily over the top with patent black boots) and the wrap front is made even better with the addition of the quirky buttons. Plus it’s striped, which is always a deal maker for me.

3 – The oversized sweater. I know, another jumper. But if you can’t enjoy the joy of jumpers in September then when can you? This is also Zara, and doesn’t look like much on their website but it caught my eye instantly in the store and looked fabulous on someone I spotted in Manchester this weekend! I think the patchwork adds a quirky little twist and the red colouring is so striking; the material seems so lovely and soft too.

4 – The Bucket Bag. Circular chic and a rich maroon shade, this funky little bag probably isn’t the most practical, but it definitely wins style-wise. Topshop have crafted a beauty that will slot right into this season’s attire; ticking the box for colour, shape and style.

5 – The Leather Jacket. I believe certain jackets, like denim and leather, can’t be bought cheaply and are one of the few things I’ll invest a lot more money in than I would usually spend on other items. You can really tell the difference and appreciate the materials in more expensive versions (although I wouldn’t pay anything ridiculous!) and so while looking for a new leather jacket this winter I’ll either be forking out a bit more, or going vintage – I think there’s something really unique about a worn-out, oversized vintage leather jacket but it obviously takes a lot more time and effort to find one! I’ve always admired All Saint’s selection and at the moment I’m lusting after their gorgeous Balfern style.

6 – The Check Blazer. I don’t think I’ve ever really been a blazer wearer, but the jackets are certainly out in full force this season and I’ve seen so many beautiful ones already that I can’t help feeling tempted! I’m especially loving the Prince of Wales check and (although it’s too pricey for me) am wooed by this Mango style. (Small heads up if you’re ordering from Mango though: don’t be prepared for it to arrive when it says it will! My recent parcel took almost two weeks!)

7 – By Far shoes. I don’t know where I’ve been hiding, but I definitely didn’t get the By Far memo when everyone else did! I’ve recently come across their site and am extremely impressed with their relaxed, retro shoe vibes. I adore these groovy red grid shoes, they’re super cool and have a great vintage aura about them, but to avoid the high prices they do a very similar pair in the UO Sale.

8 – Vinyl of The Month. Jake Bugg has been off my radar for a while, but his comeback with fourth album Hearts that Strain has taken me by surprise. I loved his old stuff when it came out, and still listen to the occasional songs now, but his music has evolved with age and experience and this album is wonderfully developed from his debut. His same husky, intriguing voice remains, however he’s introduced more of a country twang into his songs than ever before. His music has become so raw and authentic and this is a really chilled album to listen to. My faves include ‘Waiting’ featuring Noah Cyrus and ‘Indigo Blue.’ Buy from Amazon here.

Thanks for reading!

Lily x

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