Candyfloss Jeans

Pale pink is becoming more common in my wardrobe as time goes on (any kind of pink incorporation is a big thing for me) and I’m really beginning to love the colour. I have a couple of posts lined up to share with you my newly adopted pink items and how I’m styling them – I’ve been hooked on finding the dream jeans since that pink puffa inspired me earlier this year. Despite initial reservations, I’ve found that pink is versatile, cool and although it can be dressed in a feminine fashion, is actually more masculine than ever before. Men from all walks are increasingly rocking the hue and looking FAB and it’s easier now for us gals to pull it off in a casual way thanks to all the amazing options out there – we can dress it down, or up, without looking like a lost Disney Princess (unless that’s what you’re aiming for).













JEANS BDG @ Urban Outfitters (similar here)| T-SHIRT H&M | SANDALS Urban Outfitters | NECKLACE Urban OutfittersSUNGLASSES Max Mara

Take these jeans – the chino shaping categorises them as a more traditionally male trouser, which decreases the ‘girly’ quality along with the raw hem detailing enhancing their relaxed charm. They’re baggy and super comfy – the material is such a soft denim that it almost doesn’t qualify. I’ve been after a pair like this all summer, but despite it coming to an end I’m excited to try them teamed with baggy jumpers. I struck lucky sale wise too – £25 in Urban Outfitters, the last ones in store happened to be my size for a change!

I am in loooove with these incredible shoes too (also an extremely lucky sale purchase) – it’s not often another pair of sandals can tempt me out of my Birkenstocks, but Urban Outfitters has done the trick with these! They’re sturdy and smart, and the satin bows add a little flair to attract attention. Earlier in the summer (when it was proper beach weather) they would have looked fab with some denim shorts and oversized tee at the beach, and that’s exactly what I’m going to channel next year. But for now I’ll be using them to take the edge off of thicker jeans and making the most of them until it gets too cold to bear toes!

My necklace is again new (and again from UO… I went on a bit of a crazy haul) and is exactly what I wanted. My star sign is Leo, which I definitely sometimes portray with my character traits (both good and bad) and I’ve been toying with the idea of a zodiac necklace. So when this little piece sprung out at me I knew it was perfect and it has now become a part of my essential daily jewellery. It’s a simple, subtle piece but very intricate and delicate when you examine it close up, and I like knowing I’m carrying an item of jewellery that relates to me in a personal way.

Lily x

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