Best of the Fests

If you are a friend, family member or regular reader you’ll know how much I love festivals (and how much I bang on about it too). I’ve been going for years but this time round I think I’ve seriously caught the festi bug after travelling to Bilbao, and next year I’m going to save and aim to do three in one summer (and hopefully every other summer thereafter). There’s so many fabulously groovy festivals out there and it’s going to take a hell of a long time to attend all the ones I want to if I continue at a snails pace by doing one per year. As 2017’s festival season (and summer) draws to a close with only a few big names left, I want to celebrate the incredible fashion and funky spirit that has inspired me from this year’s best festivals!

Alexa is one of the coolest Glasto gals out there – we see her kill it every year, always rocking her hunters and wax jacket, but since the release of her own clothing line the stakes have been upped. She styled one of her designs: the incredible face jumper, rocking it’s super oversized sleeves and quirky colouring while making all of us on Instagram want to wear it too. (Photo from Instagram – @alexachung).

I’ve been following account @ttigerlilly for a while, and her posts make me pine after her glamorous, sparkly festival fashion (and her bod) as well as giving me serious jealousy looking at the pure amount of festivals she goes to! Her wacky outfits are crazy over the top, but that’s exactly what festivals are for and she pulls them off amazingly. (Photo from Instagram – @ttigerlilly).

First Aid Kit’s Glastonbury set was incred and I’ve watched it multiple times – but the one thing that keeps catching my eye is their beautiful dresses! These sisters have the coolest, edgiest fashion sense and here they’ve totally nailed 2017’s grunge vibes in their matching mesh flower patterns. It really embodies how they’re part of the same band but are totally different by each having their dress tailored to their personal style. (Photo from Instagram – @firstaidkit).

A key feature is definitely hair styling and I really look forward to seeing the new range of looks each year brings. Glitter is always big but colours and patterns are constantly developing, making way for individual personalities and creativity to shine through. I’m a sucker for some sparkle in my parting and The Gypsy Shrine have become a huge influence on accessorising with glitter and are the ultimate shimmer babes (photo from Instagram – @thegypsyshrine). Recently I’ve noticed a trend for these cool, grungy-punk rings entwined with plaits and think they are something I’ll be experimenting with next year.

I’ll happily admit that Dua Lipa isn’t someone who’s music I’m particularly into, however I’ll also admit she utterly knows how to rock edgy festival chic (without outdated UV paint). This casual combo of mermaid bra, white trainers and metallic tracksuit bottoms she’s got going on is an ode to feminism and loving your body while simultaneously looking effortlessly funky (and comfy). This is her before taking the stage at Benicassim (photo from Instagram – @dualipa).

Florence Welch is undeniably and indefinitely the most elegant bohemian icon there ever was; her stunning hair, hippie inspired outfits and natural features (and of course her angelic voice) pave a way for all quirky and unusual fashionistas out there, and certainly engages with the floaty, dreamy festival queen we all have living inside us. Here she emanates pure vintage goddess in a wonderful rust-coloured maxi dress, flattered by her silver necklaces ready for the Festival of Writing and Ideas (photo from Instagram – @florence).

A far cry from Gabriella in HSM (still my not-so-secret guilty-pleasure) Vanessa Hudgens is now basically everyone’s Coachella poster girl with her wacky and wonderful fringed robes and her knack of getting it bloody spot on every day. Her points of excellence include the most fabulous floppy hats, cute crochet tops and making flower crowns look like a work of art and not like your four year old niece lent you it for the weekend. Vanessa’s laid back approach has her winning in all fields, with casual but cool outfits and her chilled attitude – although I’d like to see her sport those looks in the mud at Leeds fest this weekend…

Finally I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the festival looks that don’t come served on a platter from celebrities or Instagram, but are designed and created by the people who festivals are really for: everyone. Some of the coolest and quirkiest styles I’ve been inspired by are those worn by my own friends! Pretty much every year I go to a festival with the same friendship group, and every year I’m in awe of their relaxed, urban fashions. Above you can see a couple of my pals at Bilbao, doing their thing in groovy love-heart sunglasses, some amazing pink trousers and a pared back Fila tee bringing that sporty edge to the table. So thank you for keeping me inspired and being the best festival gang I could ask for!

This reminiscing is tempting me to pack a bag and buy a Bestival ticket, but unfortunately I’ll have to wait and make the most of this shiny, unpredictable and super fun season next time around.

Lily x

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