Summer Layering

It’s difficult to define a summer wardrobe in Britain when most of the season is as gloomy as our winter. Rather than planning an outfit, we pretty much have to wing it depending on the weather – meaning ‘summer dressing’ has been replaced by wearing whatever we want in spite of the climes. The unpredictability of rain and unreliable weather forecasts mean we have to stay spontaneous and play up our free-spirited, ‘oh this? I just threw this on’ (literally) because there’s a good chance your new purchases will be unwearable due to torrential downpours – either that or you think ‘what the heck’ and wear it anyway.










JUMPSUIT Topshop (old) | T-SHIRT TLSPSANDALS Birkenstock

I’m a mix of the two; sometimes there’ll be an outfit I’ve been waiting forever to wear, and as soon as the right day comes I’ll lay it out the night before so I’m ready in the morning (usually if I’m going away or have plans). Some days I like to wake up and ponder my options, coming up with new combinations or trying on clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. Today, for example, it was warm but cloudy (and eventually rainy, typical Wales) so I wanted to stay seasonal while remaining practical.

That’s where layering comes in. My key is to keep it summery in some places – e.g. sandals and bare legs or arms, and then cover up according to how you feel to build your ensemble. I’ve seen some fab inspo of sequin dresses over jumpers, which I might try out in the future with my sparkly slip, and I’ll always be a sucker for a good skirt, bare legs and boots combo with a knitted sweater thrown on top when it’s chilly – it’s a classic look and hasn’t failed me yet!

As for this jumpsuit, it’s from Topshop and I’ve had it for years, only wearing it on nights out as it’s quite low cut. I dug it out when moving rooms today (just down the hall to the spare room – no removal trucks required) and thought I’d try it out as a more casual piece. Wrap fronts are growing on me, and I think this one is super subtle so doesn’t demand all the attention but adds a little something to the look. The spaghetti straps work well with the t-shirt, anything thicker and your shoulders get a bit crowded; plus the jumpsuit is made of that dreamy leggings material = SO COMFY. I feel like I could do yoga at any time.

I chose to pair it with my The Last Shadow Puppets ringer tee because the bright red bordering gives a splash of colour and vibes up the cool factor. Slogan tees have been everywhere lately which is good news for me, because I live in slouchy tops like this in my downtime so it’s a good excuse to transfer them to my daily wardrobe while tricking myself into thinking I’m still in my pjs. The wrap feature reveals some of the writing too (Everything You’ve Come to Expect) providing some intrigue. Usually I don’t succumb to band merch purely for the extortionate prices and buy them cheaper off eBay instead, however I couldn’t say no to this when I saw them live at Alexandra Palace last year.

For maximum simplicity and minimalism I slipped into my trusty old Birks, garunteed to make life easier by going with everything and looking on trend with their chunky charm. I have run these into the ground so much that I regret to admit I might need to invest in some more… the khaki green pair are next on my list! The skill of layering means garments have so much more potential as they can be styled in creative ways and re-worn with other items, allowing for quirky new ideas and an effortless solution to a grey summers’ day.

Lily x

2 thoughts on “Summer Layering

  1. It’s interesting to hear about the outfit troubles you face in summer in Wales. In Southern California, we have the exact opposite problems. I just about wear your outfit on a warmer Winter day out hear! Love the jumpsuit btw


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