Lust List: August

It’s my bday month (!!!) so I’m on the lookout for the goodies I’m going to treat myself to – because if you can’t do it on your birthday, when can you?! I love being a summer baby, partly because I’m one of the youngest in my friendship / year group, so while for every previous coming of age milestone I’ve been irritated to have to wait my turn (drinking, driving…) now it’s kind of a blessing because I’m still 19. Although not for long. And while it’d be dreamy to stay a teenager forever (please, let me) I’m super excited to be celebrating with some of my closest friends in my fave way: a garden party. That’s the other thing I love about having a birthday slap bang in the middle of summer – it’s a smashing excuse to have a barbie, crack out the Pimms and get your boogie on in the garden, come rain or shine (most probably rain, this is Wales after all). So, here’s whats on the top of my list this year (hint hint).

1 – The (Yellow) Striped Tee. It’s no secret I’ve got an obsession with stripes – they’re basically my daily uniform. But I’m always on the look out for a new addition to my (overflowing) collection, especially different colours and materials to mix it up a bit, so when I spotted this super cute yellow COS style I knew I had to have it. In my head it’s tucked into my faded Mom jeans and teamed with Converse.

2 – The Cool Chair. I’m being relocated to the spare room at home, so it’s having a complete makeover. The purple walls are now a beautiful pale grey, a new fluffy carpet has replaced the old brown one and new white furniture is being put up (thanks Dad) so after stumbling across this amazing armchair from IKEA I can’t stop thinking about how incred it would look in the corner of the room. I love it’s simplicity and how it manages to portray vintage qualities even though it’s brand new. It also has major Twin Peaks 90s vibes which is a BIG source of inspo for me right now – I’m hooked.

3 – The Yellow Dress. Is it obvious I’m seeeeriously loving yellow at the mo? It’s the shade of the summer, the best of the bright, bold colours that are dominating right now. Ask any of my friends: I’ve been searching high and low for my dream yellow dress. Yellow is a tricky one for me because my hair is so light and I’m so pale, so it has a tendency to wash me out. I’ve had a couple of false alarms, including a gorgeous Zara dress, but I’m hoping this number from HE Official could be the one…

4 – Gold Jewellery. I’m increasingly loving gold jewellery as opposed to silver for the summer, and the new Lucy William’s X Missoma collection is gorgeous, classy and flattering. As one of my fave bloggers (Fashion Me Now) her fashion sense always appeals to me: she emits such a chilled, natural style and always seems to accessorise with the perfect jewellery. The delicate necklaces she’s designed are great for layering, and are super simplistic – I’d love some to wear as everyday basics.

5 – A Film Camera. I’m saving up for a professional camera to use on this blog (instead of just my iPhone) but think it would be cool to have a vintage film camera to use too, to give some posts a less contemporary, more spontaneous edge. This 35mm Canon is from eBay and is the kinda thing I’m after, although I’ve seen loads of similar treasures hiding in vintage and charity shops, so with a bit more research I’m hoping to pick one up when I head back to Notts.

6 – The Vinyl Boots. HOW COOL are these retro patent boots from Topshop?! I can see them updating my autumn shoedrobe in a HUGE way. I’m thinking bare legs, mini skirts and striped jumpers (of course) for proper 70s mode. The ring detailing is groovy and the block heels make them unique – normally I hate such shiny shoes but the fact they’re full on vinyl has the 70s soul sista inside me screaming. The red pair are fabulous too; maybe a bit daring for me though. Baby steps.

7 – Dino Prints. If you know me, you’ll know I love dinosaurs. And dinosaur printed clothing? Don’t even get me started. The other week I found some dino dungarees and I could have fainted – it’s possibly the best combo I’ve ever seen. This Paul Smith top is a little more subtle and easy to work into my wardrobe, with a classy nod to the good old prehistoric pals.

8 – Vinyl of the Month. The ridiculously cool trio of sisters that is Haim are releasing their second album, Something To Tell You this month (listen beforehand on Spotify). Not only do they have mellow tunes, soothing LA vocals and a dreamy balance between indie and pop; they’re also effortlessly, undeniably and indefinitely chic. Their fashion is impeccable and forever in sync (they’ve hit the nail on the head with their biker-chick vintage look) and their relaxed, fun attitudes make them sooooo loveable. Haim are one of the few female bands I’m into, and a listen to ‘Little of Your Love’ or ‘You Never Knew’ will explain why.

Thanks for reading!

Lil x

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