Check Mate

Gingham is without a doubt this year’s most dreamy summer pattern. Picnic perfect, beach-ready and city break chic, it can literally be worn everywhere and is super easy to pull off. It’s one of those recurring trends that never seems to properly go out of fashion, and every so often gets taken off the back burner and recycled with new styles and tweaks. This season you can get any kind of garment in any colour gingham – it’s everywhere in every style! I’m especially loving ruffled midi gingham skirts and am on the lookout for the perfect one…






I picked up this Next beauty as a pre-flight treat on our way to Portugal last month. It comes in pink too, but I fell for the cute pale blue version because it reminds me of a fashionable tablecloth – what more could you ask for? The ruffled detailing is adorable, as is the sweet button-up back and I love the way it ties in with the little bows, which sit beautifully on the shoulder.

The material is light enough for a hotttt day like this was (probably too hot for jeans) without having to resort to a crop top and ideal if you don’t fancy a dress. The pastel tone suits a straw bag fabulously and my lace up espadrilles really compliment the length of these jeans. One problem is matching it with bottoms; it took me a while to decide which trousers looked best. It’s kind of an awkward length to leave tucked out, but I think I’d style it in the future with a high-waisted, long-length denim skirt to create a classic shape that’s slightly more dressy, and add some small heels.

Beauty wise I don’t usually go for pink lipstick, but was given this bright Channel shade as a freebie when I was at Bilbao BBK and it’s seriously growing on me! My make-up is generally quite minimalistic and samey: subtle eyes, dewy foundation, eyeliner and nude lipstick or maybe a classic red lip. So it’s always nice to have a refresh and throw something new into the mix that’s perhaps a little out of my comfort zone. I feel the bubblegum colour pops (pardon the pun) against my pale skin and light hair and is particularly enhanced by the neutral blues of my outfit. I’m impressed with the soft, balmy quality (that for once doesn’t dry out my lips because it’s not matt) and want to incorporate it into more of my looks.

I’m also loving being back in Wales for summer (even if it means I actually have to work) now I’ve run out of holidays to go on. I forget how pretty the scenery is, and how many hidden gems there are to explore. These photos were taken at Talybont waterfalls near me in Brecon; it’s a lovely area to adventure to on a sunny day (although we were pretty optimistic with our shoe choices) and I think in this outfit I’d be picnic ready – my top would most probably match the blanket!

Thanks for reading.

Lil x

Ph: Anna Herring. 

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