Parisian Vibes

Stripes and denim are two of my all-time favourite fashion themes, and combined they look even better. If I’m stuck, they’re my go-to styles; both timeless and easy to wear. When I feel too girly (that’s not really my thing), denim is the best way to add a bit of that boyish edge that I love to any outfit. You can never go wrong with a striped dress and trainers to caj it down or a striped tee, teamed under dungarees or a denim pinafore for maximum cool points. A Breton top tucked into blue, cropped jeans is always a fail-safe ensemble for me if I can’t find anything else to wear.














STRIPED CAMI H&MDENIM SKIRT Topshop (similar here) | MULES ASOS | WAX JACKET Zara (old) | SCARF Vintage

For summer, though, jeans don’t always cut it and that’s when my trusty denim skirt will make a reappearance. It’s from Topshop, which is where I buy most of my everyday denim because the quality is durable and comfy and the fit is always spot on (except for those black jeans that inevitably fade after three washes). The skirt’s straight cut means it’s not too feminine and it’s just the right length.

I recently acquired this simple but lovely cami from my sister; ideal for tucking into jeans – especially great with my oversized white ones from COS and my high-waisted mom pair. I decided to channel a little Parisian inspiration here by styling it with this skirt and my black mules. The low cut back is super flattering and evokes a more sophisticated kind of sex appeal by exposing a generally hidden body section, compensating for a lack of cleavage due to the classy neckline. I’m not really one for booby tops (with some exceptions) but think backless garments are beautifully elegant and intriguing, so this is a dreamy design for me. The only problem is the obvious bra straps: in hindsight I should have worn a strapless version, however I always find them so bulky and awkward.

The skirt compliments the top well, creating an airy, summery shape and emphasising the colours. Mules are such versatile shoes and since getting this pair I’ve pretty much wore them with everything. Their chunky, ugly nature tones down the dressy element of this look, while the heels add some extra height to elongate bare legs.

My favourite accessory at the moment is a vintage scarf – this stunning vintage paisley one was £3 from a charity shop and there are loads more where it came from! Scarves are something all charity shops have an abundance of, and if you take the time to look you can find some pretty fabulous ones that can be styled as a neck piece, bandana, or even tied around a bag. I’ve tried all of these and the most successful so far is wrapping it in my hair to accentuate my pony tail. Often I struggle with new ways to arrange my hair. I wasn’t blessed with thick, long locks or a naturally golden colour and it’s taken me since I was about fifteen to grow it this length (which I’m happy with). My hair is my only feature I’ll spend significant money on – I get it regularly dyed and love being blonde, but because it’s so thin I’m left with a lack of styling options. I was influenced by Pinterest to have a go decorating my hair this way after seeing a few fancy retro images, and I am obsessed with the result. The vibrant red of this scarf really contrasts with my blonde, drawing attention and emanating old-school Parisian chic when combined with a classic crimson lip (this lip pencil shade is mysterious red by Nars). I love the put-together Riviera feel of this look; I’ll be saving it for hot, sunny days (if we’re lucky) and definitely stowing it away in anticipation for a weekend trip to Paris.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

Lil x

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