Shine On

Festival Season is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. I say this every year (because it’s true). It’s the cocktail of friends, music, drinks and (most importantly) funky outfits that gives you a buzz like no other. This is also the only week of the year I will gladly throw myself into embracing the great outdoors, whether it be rain (is it even a festival if it doesn’t rain?) tent malfunctions or ant infestations I’ll take it all because nothing beats that festival feeling.

My favourite part? The clothes. Festivals are the only sacred place where it its genuinely acceptable (even encouraged) to wear whatever you bloody want. You can forget those ridiculous ‘fashion rules’ like mismatched prints, clashing colours or that totally stupid boobs or bum saying – anything goes. And by anything I mean anything. The more outrageous and ostentatious, the cooler the festival-goer you become. The brighter the better. More glitter equals more impressive – who doesn’t want to walk round slathered in glitter all day?












SEQUIN BRA Mais Lou Clothes | SHORTS Levi | BOOTS Doc Martens

I’ve never been to a festival outside the UK before, so heading off to Spain for Bilbao BBK with a group of gal pals was super exciting. We should have done a bit more research, as I assumed the North would have the same sunny, warm climes as the rest of the country so omitted packing any jackets and only one fleece (just in case). It turns out the location of Bilbao BBK is waaaay up in the mountains, so we were met with some rainstorms and chilly weather. We rode it out in style anyway, and had the most incredible time.

It took a lot of decision making for me to decide what festival outfits would make the cut, but there I didn’t have to think twice about this amazing sequin crop top. My friend Maisie is insanely talented and creates these bra masterpieces by hand in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. She doesn’t have an official shop yet, however you can request a specially made unique bra via her Insta (@maislouclothes) or Depop (@maisiejones97). I’m in love with my dreamy version, it’s ideal for a festival and makes me feel like a shimmery shiny mermaid with no cares in the world. The back detailing is exquisite too (although bear in mind you need a friend to do it up unless you have superhuman flexibility, and make sure to suncream up because I was left with some pretty odd tan lines!).

These Doc boots were a major bargain find in a charity shop – £3! I came across them last week and knew they’d look cooler with my chosen ensembles than my old battered converse (good job else I’d have been bogged down in the unexpected torrential downpours). They have a worn and tatty kind of vibe, which I think look best on Docs, particularly because they’re not such a pain to wear in and spare you the awful blisters and rubbing! My shorts are Levis from eBay and I’ve had them years. They’ve lasted really well, go with absolutely anything and their frayed hems mean they slip right into that edgy, hippy vibe that I always like to achieve with my festival fashion. Overall I’m obsessed with how groovy this outfit turned out, it’s definitely a favourite of mine.

I can go slightly overboard on glitter distribution when I’m in the party spirit, hence the funky hair parting and shiny eyelids. In preparation I acquired all glitter essentials from eBay and strongly recommend the seller linked. They have a fab selection, free delivery and super quick last minute shipping if you’re as forgetful as me. If you’re not too fussed on the more eccentric festival accessories, throwing on some glitter is the best way to spice up your daily looks and stand out from the crowd – the crazier the colours the better (in my opinion)! Note: you may be shedding glitter for a long time if you decorate your hair with it…

Thanks for reading! More on the actual festival highlights soon.

Lil x

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