The Day Dress

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While I love summer and all the seasonal clothes, different shapes and pretty styles that come hand in hand with it, I am the worst person at making quick decisions (or any decisions) especially when it comes to narrowing down what to buy or what to bring on holiday. Sometimes I feel like there’s so much on offer and so much I want that I’d rather not buy anything; or just ignore it all and explore charity shops instead.

Another one of my worst habits is that I’m a major over-packer. Even for a weekend away I’ll be so indecisive about shoes that I’ll end up lugging four pairs with me, plan totally individual outfits that each require a certain jacket and chuck in loads of those ‘just in case’ items that I definitely know I won’t wear anyway. So, this time around I made sure to pack sensibly, limit to two ensembles a day (wearing some things twice, something I’m usually super against for some unknown reason) and made a conscious effort to take less shoes (five pairs was a good number for me…). I wish I was one of those people who can throw a load of clothes into a suitcase, hope for the best and still manage to pull it off, but the organisational side of me just can’t do it!










DRESS Urban Outfitters (old but I love this style) | SHOES Zara (sold out, similar here) | HAT H&M | BAG Zara (similar here)

One of the main decisions I struggle with is the summer day dress. The variety is mind blowing and there’s nothing I hate more than sifting through paaaages of monotonous online sites to find the right dress; I get bored and stop paying attention and it’s even more draining than spending a day physically shopping. I go through phases of being either dress-obsessed or crazy over trousers, so I have a hefty selection of cute little dresses – but my other problem is which one of those to bring with me!

I got this skater dress for my eighteenth birthday party, and haven’t worn it since. It’s been sat collecting dust in the back of my wardrobe, and truth be told I’d kind of forgotten about it until I was picking what to take to Portugal with me. It’s a thin material, but not enough to be see through, a flattering fit and a classic polka-dot design that I imagined would look great in the sun. The best part of rediscovering old gems is that you’ve acquired new accessories in that time to style it up again: cue the red flats, straw hat and trusty basket bag to freshen the dress up a bit.

I love the back detail, it’s an unusual, quirky style that separates it from my other frocks and (although it left me with an awful tan line) it was perfect for keeping cool in the muggy heat. The style is elegant but the teeny dots in sporadic, random positions gives it a modern twist, although it is reminiscent of a primary school disco dress! The shape is dreamy; anything tight on top with a flared skirt gets the thumbs up from me, even if the neckline does make it difficult to wear a bra (boobs need a break on holiday, too). It’s so fun to twirl around and feel free in, and when the wind was up it provided plenty of Marilyn Monroe moments! Black isn’t an obvious choice on holiday, and definitely not one I’d normally opt for, but it worked on this occasion as a chic alternative to bright, summery colours and I really like the way my everyday jewellery sparkles against the dress.

On our last full day we took a taxi to S. Rafael: a small, cave-surrounded beach a few miles from the hotel. It was a cloudy day so the beautiful sands were practically empty – always a bonus when taking photos – and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The scenery was gorgeous and hilly, with this decking providing a walkway to the best views of the sea and a steep pathway following the cliff face which we ended up taking and getting lost (thank God for google maps!).

The Portugal overload stops here folks, but festival season is fully in swing thanks to Glastonbury kicking it all off last weekend and I couldn’t be more excited! This morning I’ve been curled up on the sofa, listening to my best friend’s stories about her time there and watching the coverage of Foo Fighters, Liam Gallagher and First Aid Kit, eyeing up all the incred festi clothes and getting those FOMO feels. Tuesday, though, we fly out to Spain ready for Bilbao BBK and I couldn’t be more prepared for my first festival abroad! I’ll keep you posted!

Lil x

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