Be Bold

The best treatment for your body is a week by the sea. Salty hair? check. Make-up free skin? Check. Lots of walking to explore? Check. Minus the sunburn (I did wear SPF 50, promise) all these things contributed to the rehabilitation and relaxation that holidays are meant to encourage.

One of my favourite parts about Albufeira was the beautiful, brightly coloured houses and walls surrounding the Old Town. Striking blues, fabulous yellows, the occasional pastel pink, and the best backdrop of all: the pure, untouched white. I’m also a huuuge fan of outdoor tiles – steps covered in plants, blue and white tiled walls; they’re so cool and classic, especially in warmer climes. The hilly roads and maze of steps lead to hidden gems of architecture and different angles to view the pretty town and incredible sea view from (which I don’t think I could ever get bored of).











This summer the crop top is making a comeback in a big way. They seemed to be a thing of the past in my eyes, but with the high-waisted jeans craze and festival fashion increasingly influencing this season’s clothing there are a lot more options out there for every kind of personal style. It’s also (thankfully) more accepted that crop tops aren’t just reserved for people with a toned bod, and that ‘wear whatever the f**k you want if you feel comfortable in it’ approach is preached. I’ve always struggled with body image and obsessed a lot over how I looked when I was younger, so it’s nice to be more confident in what I wear and how I wear it – and I definitely think the progression of my taste in fashion has played a major part in that.

I first fell for the colour of this New Look bargain. It’s vibrant, fun and summery, easy to throw on because of its versatility and it’s super comfortable with a great fit! The bardot style is fab to style and adds a cute, retro edge especially when teamed with these white jeans (I genuinely can’t stop wearing them, they’re amaaaazing), which is actually what I envisaged when I bought it. They come in a selection of colours too, so you can mix it up a bit or choose the one that best suits you. The sunglasses were a last minute panic-buy, but it turns out they saved the day by enhancing that vintage, 80s feel with their cats-eye shape and gold framing.

These gorgeous white walls and steps led down to the main road from our hotel in a twisting passage, and I could have simply taken all my blog photos there for the duration of the holiday if I didn’t want to find somewhere else! It felt so fresh and minimal, with great lighting and a neutral palette to allow outfits do their thing. Saying that though, these colour rich walls really pushed this ensemble to shine, and I love the way it looks against the yellow house. I’ve always been one for statement garments, and bold colours are such a brill way to exude a happy, free-spirited and optimistic vibe – something I aim for in life (even if that doesn’t always go to plan…).

*PS – these mules are now in the ASOS sale!!

Thanks so much for reading!

Lil x

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