Beach Baby

A good beach and a good book equals a happy holiday (in my case at least). Albufeira Beach was the centrepiece of our destination – we overlooked it from our balcony, buried our toes in its sand while making our way to the Old Town and spent one blissful day walking its length, settling on a spot and lazing there (that just so happened to be the breeziest, coolest day of our trip). Knowing we had nowhere to be and no responsibilities but the duty to stay chilled – and possibly finish a couple of books – was so satisfying and we definitely made the most of it!










SWIMSUIT H&M (similar here) | SHORTS Levis (from eBay) | HAT H&M | SHIRT Topshop (similar here) | SANDALS BirkenstockBEACH TOWEL Primark | SUNGLASSES Accessorize

Ever since I bought this H&M swimsuit (unfortunately sold out now – I’ve linked to a similar version from Pretty Little Thing above) I’ve been dying to wear it, and for a day at the beach it was ideal. The plunge neckline and scoop back allow for the ultimate tan opportunity, while keeping cool, comfortable and making me feel a lil’ bit sexy and free at the same time – isn’t that what everyone dreams of on hols? The beauty of a swimsuit like this is that I didn’t have to panic about not having prepared my abs (despite my best efforts) as it’s a smooth and silky material and the bold style draws all the attention.

I adore the olive tone, it compliments and is complimented by everything: my straw hat, my freckly skin, these shorts – even the beach backdrop! It’s a summery shade, but in a more subtle way than palm tree prints or bright, funky colours and still manages to remain the centrepiece. The cut-out detailing was another factor that sold it to me. I’d never really seen another swimsuit using a pattern in that kind of chic way, tying it into such a minimalist design without pushing it to be too complicated. It makes for a classic item that looks just as good as a stand alone piece or moulded into an outfit.

I threw on some shorts for the morning; with the swimsuit holding its own as a top while we explored a little and ate lunch. After a swim and discarding my shorts, though, I like having something with me to throw on top that I don’t mind getting a bit sandy and salty; but I’ve never been one for kaftans or wraps. I’d way rather sink into an old shirt like this Topshop saviour that’s been making the rounds in my wardrobe for years. Its linen quality is lightweight yet durable, oversized enough to keep cool and protect from the sun, and blends in with any swimwear because it’s plain and white (with cool buttons).

I learnt to swap flip flops for Birkenstocks on previous holidays – you don’t suffer the raw rubbing between your toes, they’re easy to slip on and off and the chunkiness is both cool and heavy duty so they’d probably last through anything (I could list the positive qualities alllll day). As for the sunglasses: I left my prized Max Mara pair in Wetherspoons back home (nightmare) so picked up this pair from the airport. They’re kind of a cute, modern take on cats-eye glasses and surprisingly good quality for £12.

So, that’s my take on beach wear featuring this year’s swim piece, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Lil x




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