Lust List: June

I’m struggling to believe that it’s already June – this year is going wayyy too fast for my liking! Although, I’m not really complaining because yesterday I handed in my last assignment for second year so I’m officially free for summer and I couldn’t be more relieved. Plus I go on holiday in less than a week! Here’s a roundup of a few bits and bobs I’m loving for the moment that would fit right into my suitcase for my travels.

1 – The Yellow Trousers. As the palest human known to Earth, yellow is a colour that unfortunately doesn’t wash well with me. I longed for a gingham crop top in the hue from Zara but it didn’t match my hair and just looked a bit wrong. But I’ll make an exception for these incredible ruffled trousers, also from Zara, because they’re a brighter shade and they’re just amazing. I can imagine myself sashaying down the beach in them, cocktail in hand…

2 – The Retro Sunglasses. I only bought some fresh sunnies about a month ago (then had a drama losing them on a night out, but I’m happy to disclose they’ve been found deserted in Spoons) but you can never have too many pairs, right?! I’m loving these ASOS ones; they tick all the boxes for me: oversized, brown and only £12!

3 – Adidas Originals. Effortlessly cool and perfect for chilling in, the Adidas originals collection is updated and better than ever, but I can’t see myself doing any sport in this seriously cool sweater. I’d team it with dungarees or Mom jeans for an 90s inspired look. You can shop Adidas at Topshop now.

4 – Alexachung. FINALLY!!!! Alexa has released her very own incredible collection of clothes that are so very her. These dungarees are my most wanted, although there is a fabulous selection of jumpers, shoes and dresses. It’s definitely full of pieces I’d have to save up to invest in, but the outfits she’s styled up are a beautiful source of inspiration.

5 – The Pom Pom Mules. How cool are these slides? Ideal for poolside, evening or beach; they’re relaxed but fun and would add some edge to a typical holiday outfit. They’re super good quality from Next and I’m absolutely adoring them right now!

6 – Realisation Par. Basically every dress from this brand is on my lust list, but if I had to narrow it down to just one, it’s the Alexandra. Giving the impression of the real life dancing lady emoji, what could be more fitting for a week away in Portugal? The style is so flattering and the colour gorgeous – I’ve seen it flaunted on Instagram by so many of my favourite ladies of fashion and it looks so cool on everyone. It really is the summer dress of dreams, though, because I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it before I go away!

7 – The Basket Bag (again). Can’t stop, won’t stop looking at basket bags. This one from Joanie is super cute and would be great for longer exploring trips or days spent at the beach to fit all essentials in. The writing on the front isn’t something I’d usually go for, but on straw bags I think it looks chic.

8 – Vinyl of the Month. Kasabian released their latest album, For Crying Out Loud, last month and it’s one of their best yet. It emits an upbeat, festival vibe and it’ll be going straight on my plane playlist. It’s less techno and more rocky, which I think Kasabian do so well and it features some absolute tunes: check out ‘Twentyfourseven’ and ‘Are You Looking for Action?’ if you want to get in the summer mood.

Thanks for reading!

Lily x

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