The Miracle Midi

When you find a hidden gem in a charity shop – you snap it up straight away. I was lucky enough to be the discoverer of this incredible Paul Smith skirt tucked away in the rails of a British Heart Foundation a few weeks ago, and knew it would slide in with my holiday clothing selection like a dream. I think it was about £4.50, in good condition and fit perfectly – a charity shop miracle. 










BRALET Urban Outfitters (old, similar here) | SKIRT Paul Smith (old, similar here) | ESPADRILLES Just Fab (similar here) | BASKET BAG Zara

The colour orange is one I’ve loved for a while – it’s so rich and vibrant, especially when it’s sunny and the light brings out a new dimension of colour. It also suits everyone because it’s so versatile and show-stoppingly flattering. Midi skirts are something I’ve not ever really dabbled with, but this treasure is definitely a game changer for me there. It’s the ultimate feel-good comfort clothing: light and swishy, super slimming and the ideal length for summer weather (sometimes I feel maxis can be a bit swamping). I honestly never want to take it off.

The skirt works well with black accessories, but I’m thinking of trying it with white too to mix it up a little and make it more refreshing. The bralet is my trusty old festival top, but the lacy detailing surprisingly adds to the ensemble, rather than taking attention away from the centrepiece. Sorry for the bag spam too  – as soon as the sun’s out there’s no other option but my new favourite as it compliments everything beautifully (I’m already looking to grow my basket collection…).

In the heat I don’t like to wear as much make-up as I usually would if you’re wondering why I look so bare faced. I tend to put on a light layer of my Body Shop foundation, (with SPF 15 so there’s no need to put sun cream on my face) touch up my eyebrows and put on some waterproof mascara. I don’t tan – the only benefit the sun has blessed my skin with is an abundance of freckles which have magically reappeared and multiplied since spending a dose of time outdoors. I have to slather my bod in SPF 50 (tragic I know) otherwise I’ll end up the colour of this beloved skirt! So freckles will have to do.

Thank you for reading,

Lily x

4 thoughts on “The Miracle Midi

  1. You look Fab. Midi is such a rage this season. I need to stock up too. Your look is so fun…the colour is giving positive vibes all around


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