Current Inspo

Longer days, brighter weather and the knowledge I have a stretch of summer freedom in front of me paves the way for creative thinking. A cloud of images and plans have been rambling through my head in preparation for the excitement and anticipation of summer, so I’ve gathered my inspirations for a brainstorm on what’s captured my eye recently and what I’m looking forward to in the coming months.

Scarves are something I’m really loving at the moment – less knitted and more silk, vintage items. I love how you can style them up in so many ways but they always seem to look effortlessly chic. I’m hoping to find some in a charity shop that I can use as an alternative way to tie up my hair with or keep it pushed off my face in the holiday heat. I’m also into wearing them as neck features – the red one above styled with a white shirt looks incredible and is something I really want to recreate (at the risk of looking like Woody from Toy Story).

This combination is so relaxed but looks amazing


Straw everything. The raw and rustic element throwing on a straw hat, or slipping your arm through a straw bag gives is refreshing. I like the simplicity of it and the fact that no matter what you pair a straw accessory with, it will look good – it’s one less thing to worry about when packing! Baskets as storage holders in general make me happy, they’re so aesthetically appealing and are way better than boring boxes.

Books. Ready for our trip to Portugal I seriously need to stock up on some flight-worthy, poolside reads. I’m hoping to get some great little charity shop finds today (which I’ll share if I do) to see me through my daily sunbathing session (much to my boyfriend’s dismay as he assumed we’d be out adventuring constantly). I find second-hand bookstores so peaceful and, contrary to popular opinion, actually enjoy that musky smell. It’s humbling to know someone else has read those pages before you, and probably felt a different way about the story you’re reading.

Wales is somewhere I never really appreciate being surrounded by (when I’m home from uni). I’ve lived there for over 8 years now, but there’s still so many beautiful destinations I’ve yet to visit. I think this is partly because I take it for granted, and also because I’ve only just really started to explore the country properly, having being preoccupied with teenage activities for the most part of my time there. It’s such a waste to have great scenery on my doorstep and not check it out, especially when I’ve only got a year until I leave Brecon. Top on my list to visit this summer are: Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey; Llyn y Fan Fach, Brecon Beacons; Snowdon, Caernarfon. I’m a sucker for a good castle too so I’m hoping to find a few little gems on my travels.

Vintage maxi dress. At the moment I’m obsessing over Alice Catherine’s collection of incredible vintage clothes, and trying to find the perfect vintage dress. It’s difficult to get it right with fittings (I wish I could tailor items to suit me but I’m extremely untalented in the design department) but Alice manages to make everything she finds look good! The dream dress I have in mind is similar to the one in my mood board: black with a floral pattern and a button down front.


Plants are always inspiring to me. I feel it’s especially important to have them inside, as they add a fresh element and bring some nature to an otherwise disconnected space. Back to the straw thing, I’m having a moment for green plants in baskets (a fabulous combination) as they look so neutral, working as both a blank canvas for a room and a rich colour palette. I’m especially into teaming this duo with colourful tiles, as in the collage above. It just emits a vibrant yet chilled mood – definitely the kind of place I would always be motivated. I’d love one day to base a garden / porch area around this theme.

Health. This year is probably the longest I’ve stuck to a fitness goal (which is basically to be happy with my body by the time I go on holiday). From January I’ve tried to eat healthily, which I’ve found is more attainable when you allow yourself everything in moderation – I’ll eat well all week and then have a massive burger or 3 at the end of it. I’ll go gym as much as I can fit it in, but if I’m really not motivated one day, I’ll stay in. I’ve realised that by pushing myself to exercise when I can’t be bothered, it puts me off completely. I have to be energetic and enthusiastic to go, which I usually am because I’ve built up a routine I’m happy with. Instead of thinking, ‘I’ll go five times this week’ I just go every day until I want a day off.


Music. My biggest inspiration – always. I’ve put together a summer playlist for long roadtrips and life outdoors (as long as it’s not raining). Have a listen here.

Lily x

Images that aren’t mine from Pinterest

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