I feel like a lot has been going on for me in the past few weeks – a mixture of good and bad news, some surprises and the stress of upcoming deadlines. Part of me will be glad when this term is finished, but my emotional and sentimental side knows it’s the closing of another chapter, and a step closer to leaving this make-believe world of university and heading off to start having a go at real life.

And the phrase that sticks in my mind when all kinds of crazy things happen is – ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Such a simple saying, but when you apply it to specific contexts personal to yourself, it helps to look on the bright side and work through whatever’s going on. The bittersweet jumble of the happy and the sad that will always be present in life. 










JUMPER New Look (old, similar here) | JEANS COS (similar here) | SHOES Zara (similar here)

For example: I’m looking forward to our holiday in three weeks time (the good), but I’ve got a hell of a lot of work to get through first (the bad) – however I know it will all pay off in the end and we’ll be sunning ourselves in Portugal with (hopefully) no worries. Other fantastic news includes my fab sister and her awesome husband (who got married last year – read all here) bringing their first baby into the world. What puts life into perspective in a more amazing way than that?!

On another note, I apologise for my obsession with these shoes, but I genuinely can’t stop wearing them! I love the pop of colour they add to otherwise plain outfits, like this; it’s like bringing a little bit of summer with me even when it’s raining. The jeans, also, are a lil’ love of mine (even though the oversized look is proving to be a bit overestimated now that I’ve lost a bit of weight) and I keep thinking of blog outfits to share because they’re just wonderful. This thin jumper is one I never really have use for and just hastily threw on the other day when going out, but actually looks great paired with the jeans! The result is a kind of sophisticated yet casual ensemble. I’m also enjoying how it’s humid enough not to wear a jacket anymore (even if jumpers are still necessary).

Thanks to Chloe for coming out and taking this photos in the rain – and still managing to make them look great! I’m really happy with the setting: the clash of red and yellow always makes for an interesting colour palette.

Thanks for reading,

Lily x

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