Charity Charms

Charity shopping is something I do often, yet I feel I haven’t really shared many of my purchases on here. I love the feel of sifting through the rails and getting a real good bargain and contributing to a good cause. Being a student especially it means I don’t have to compromise on my shopping habit, but I can do it in a way that actually saves me money rather than splurging on expensive clothes.

These trousers were an amazing £1 find from Cancer Research last week and I’ve worn them so much already. They’re a lightweight, comfy material and are proving great for the run up to summer while the weather still can’t make up its mind! I’ve also decided I’ll probably be bringing them on holiday with me, which is such a satisfying thing to add to my suitcase when they used to belong to someone else!










SHIRT Topshop (old, similar here) | TROUSERS charity shop | SANDALS Birkenstocks

I love the unusual lime green colour, it’s a nice bright fix for the season and blends well with white or cream. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a similar pair to recommend, but that’s also the blessing of charity shopping because they’re a one-off buy and so are kind of unique! The straw-like texture adds a cool, summery dimension and they’re a perfect fit (which is so lucky when you can’t just choose your size). The only downside is that many items have faults – these actually have a coffee mug stain on one leg – but it’s a small sacrifice for the price you’re getting garments for!

Often people assume that using charity shops is reserved for the ‘old’ but some of my favourite ever outfits are compiled of items I’ve discovered while rummaging round them. It is challenging and requires a lot of trawling through racks of rubbish and most of the time I go home empty handed, but living in a city like Nottingham where there’s such an abundance of second hand stores there’s some charms waiting to be dug out if you look hard enough!

And, although I’m by no stretch of the imagination an environmental saint as I do shop high street too, I’d still like to think I’m doing my bit by recycling clothes and buying pre-worn ones. At a time when climate change is something we all should seriously be thinking about, every simple effort helps even if it’s just getting a top from charity rather than Topshop. So, if you don’t already, you should!

Thanks so much for reading,

Lily x

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