Slipping into Summer

It’s possibly the hardest season transition of the year – especially in Britain where the weather is so unpredictable – but also maybe one of my favourites. Switching from a Spring wardrobe, which in my case is still very much centred around coats and tights in a rebellion against the misleading sunny chill, to a Summer one is a trial and error process. It’s still very much reliant on whatever unexpected surprises the climate will throw at us on a certain day, but there are a few changes I’ll be focusing on to make the most of summer while I’m still on home soil. 









TOP H&M (old, similar here) | SLIP DRESS Zara (old, similar here) | LOAFERS Topshop

I bought this slip from Zara a couple of years ago now, (but the linked one above is really similar and SUCH a bargain!) wearing it on a string of nights out but never really considering styling it up in the day. It’s a lovely velvety material and really flattering if a little on the provocative / revealing side as the cut is quite low. That’s why it works well layered over a tighter t-shirt, especially this old H&M one featuring a high neck and long sleeves. Paired with Converse it could be worn as a casual outfit or alternatively with these loafers it’s slightly more formal. The long sleeve / short skirt combo is a simple way to change it up for Summer when it’s still on the cooler side, keeping my upper half toasty and diminishing the need for a coat, while my legs can breathe and enjoy the warmer climes. With tights this would just be a dark and wintery outfit, but the flash of skin breaks it up a bit.

I’m ditching the tights – whatever the weather. It is moderately warmer now and although everyone will have to deal with my ridiculously pale legs, tights are just… dull. Plus it opens up so many more shoe options: sandals, loafers, mules and it puts boots firmly at the back of the pile.

I’m also leaving my coats behind. Big, clunky winter outerwear doesn’t flatter the floral patterns and airy designs of summer; on the contrary, it hides statement season pieces and also carries inconveniences when you’re on the move and it’s not that cold (no one likes to haul around a coat). So, jackets, it’s down to you: denim, Harrington, kimonos, wax. My selection will enhance my ensembles rather than hold them back and therefore from now on it’s either a jacket or nothing.

Thanks for reading!

Lily x

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