Lust List: May

Having just booked our holiday in Portugal for just over a month away, I’m well and truly getting in the swing of my summer shopping. Gone has the period to dawdle over each and every item on my wishlist (I haven’t got the attention span or the bank funds to do that) – it’s time to narrow it down to the essentials and break the back of those final holiday showstoppers. Then all I have to do is complete two essays and submit a portfolio before jetting off to the Algarve… 

1 – The Denim Shirt. A sleek yet urban tool to cover up in the sun, or fight the late night breeze while sitting out in the foreign evening, this Sezane wonder is the dream inspo jacket. Unfortunately with such short notice (I’m definitely less organised than I once thought) my budget will redirect me to cheaper high street stores or vintage shops to find a thrifty alternative.

2 – The Patterned Rug. Not necessarily a holiday buy, but inspired by the traditional, intricately detailed hotels we’ve been pouring over in a search to find the perfect one for us, I want to bring a little bit of that relaxed European sentimentality into my decor. This rug is from H&M home (which is incredible at the minute: stocked to the brim with baskets and incredible textiles) and has the kind of flair that I want to base my (third and sadly, final) uni room around in September.

3 – The Red Maxi. A.K.A the dancing lady emoji dress. What more could anyone genuinely want than a dress that turns you into the most coveted, fun loving emoji of them all? I’ve seen a few around this season and although I never really shop there I found this delightful River Island take on the trend. The pattern is spot on, the bardot cut is super flattering and its airy design would make it an ideal evening outfit pinnacle or even a beach cover up in the heat of the day.

4 – The Swimsuit. H&M are back at it with their sophisticated swimwear collection. This one-piece is such a gorgeous, rich olive colour that would make even the palest skin (case in point: mine) pop on a beach, giving off a tanned, golden impression even if, like me, you’re just not blessed to tan. The cut out detailing is also a cute twist on a classic look, making it easy to wear and hiding any lumps and bumps (so I don’t have to worry too much about upping my gym game).

5 – The Leather Sandals. After spotting these refreshingly unique sandals on Warehouse‘s Instagram account, I stalked their website for days until they appeared in the ‘new in’ section. I’m all about flats on holiday because I want to get as much exploring done as possible, and heels are only going to hold me up. The metal ring is a key look for summer (my hoop obsession continues) and with shoes like these I’d be comfy and on-trend for my travels.

6 – The Peasant Shirt. There are certain requirements for a holiday shirt. Lightweight, statement (must be able to hold its own in case paired with plain shorts) and versatile. This Whistles blouse boasts all three. And it is aptly named the ‘margarita’ which would be extremely appropriate while I sit by the beach sipping its cocktail namesake. The price tag here is again, out of my budget at £115, but I’ll be sifting through Cow Nottingham’s great selection of shirts to see if I can get a similar style.

7 – The Khaki Jumpsuit. You might have noticed green being a bit of a theme here, but such low-key, neutral colours are my secret weapons for a multi-tasking, flexible summer wardrobe. Packing is something I find very easy to over-load on and so by keeping my palette simple and inter-changeable, I can bring less but wear more. Another chic investment for mild nights out, or day-time wandering is this jumpsuit from Gap with an understated belt and relaxed fit.

8 –  Vinyl of the Month. The Big Moon are a band fairly new to me, but one that grabbed me instantly and drew me into their swirling vortex of grungy sounds and dark lyrics  They’ve just released Love in The 4th Dimension, their debut album eluding witchy vibes and cool-girl attitude. I love ‘Sucker’ and ‘Formidable’ and I’m thinking it will be some seriously chilled out plane music.

Thanks for reading!

Lily x

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