The Miracle Midi

When you find a hidden gem in a charity shop – you snap it up straight away. I was lucky enough to be the discoverer of this incredible Paul Smith skirt tucked away in the rails of a British Heart Foundation a few weeks ago, and knew it would slide in with my holiday clothing selection like a dream. I think it was about £4.50, in good condition and fit perfectly – a charity shop miracle.  Continue reading “The Miracle Midi”

Peasant Top

I’ve been searching for a peasant top for my upcoming holiday, and hadn’t been able to find one good enough to shed out forty/fifty pounds on. But I picked this one up in French Connection’s sale for just £19 (down from £65) and I love the beautiful embroidery features and tasselled waist belt.

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Current Inspo

Longer days, brighter weather and the knowledge I have a stretch of summer freedom in front of me paves the way for creative thinking. A cloud of images and plans have been rambling through my head in preparation for the excitement and anticipation of summer, so I’ve gathered my inspirations for a brainstorm on what’s captured my eye recently and what I’m looking forward to in the coming months.

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I feel like a lot has been going on for me in the past few weeks – a mixture of good and bad news, some surprises and the stress of upcoming deadlines. Part of me will be glad when this term is finished, but my emotional and sentimental side knows it’s the closing of another chapter, and a step closer to leaving this make-believe world of university and heading off to start having a go at real life.

And the phrase that sticks in my mind when all kinds of crazy things happen is – ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Such a simple saying, but when you apply it to specific contexts personal to yourself, it helps to look on the bright side and work through whatever’s going on. The bittersweet jumble of the happy and the sad that will always be present in life.  Continue reading “Lemonade”

The New Mules

Thanks to the sun’s special appearance this week (a far cry from today’s rain) some summer newbies got to make their debut appearance, as well as allowing me to dig out some old favourites. Although I’ve got deadlines looming in the coming weeks, and some journalism preparation to get done by Monday (oops) there’s no stress that a sunny day can’t fix. Somehow, all worries and intentions of work escape my head and instead it blooms with plans of barbecues and exploring new stretches of town. Needless to say, my work didn’t get done, but I did get to wear in these gorgeous new mules (which actually wasn’t the best idea when it’s humid).

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Charity Charms

Charity shopping is something I do often, yet I feel I haven’t really shared many of my purchases on here. I love the feel of sifting through the rails and getting a real good bargain and contributing to a good cause. Being a student especially it means I don’t have to compromise on my shopping habit, but I can do it in a way that actually saves me money rather than splurging on expensive clothes. Continue reading “Charity Charms”

Slipping into Summer

It’s possibly the hardest season transition of the year – especially in Britain where the weather is so unpredictable – but also maybe one of my favourites. Switching from a Spring wardrobe, which in my case is still very much centred around coats and tights in a rebellion against the misleading sunny chill, to a Summer one is a trial and error process. It’s still very much reliant on whatever unexpected surprises the climate will throw at us on a certain day, but there are a few changes I’ll be focusing on to make the most of summer while I’m still on home soil.  Continue reading “Slipping into Summer”