Styling up for Spring

While my blog has had a fresh lick of paint, (so faint you might not even have noticed it – a bit of a jazz up and a new site link) I’ve been out giving my wardrobe a fresh lick of paint too.

Skinny white jeans aren’t for me – I’m messy, clumsy, and they just don’t suit me. But the off-white, cream colours and more straight cut styles have appealed to me for some time (and seemed like something I could make work for me). When I came across these AH-mazzzzing jeans leafing through Cos’ website they literally changed my life. At £60 it’s a little more of an investment than I would usually spend; normally my cut-off point for jeans is around £40, unless they’re in the sale for a great price. After searching around, though (and I mean searching) I couldn’t find any that matched their amazing-ness, by which point my size was sold out. My desperation to get my hands on these babies is proven as I bagged the next size up, and decided to deal with it and chuck on a belt. The jeans are slightly on the baggy side, but I actually love the oversized, casual look as a result.













And as for this basket bag, well, I’m in love. I’ve seen different shapes and textures everywhere and I love how Birkin’s iconic fashion item has made such a comeback in time for summer. I’ve been trying to hunt the perfect one down for a while: suitable size for holiday, low-key, easy to carry and not overpriced (after all, it is just wicker). This little treasure ticks all the boxes – with pom poms as a bonus!! At £19.99 from Zara it’s a steal, and it may look small but it can fit all my essentials in whilst also stopping me from over-packing – if a bag is empty I need to fill it (one of my bad habits). I really like how it looks against the vanilla colour of my jeans, and this backdrop has to be my favourite ever. These fields have become my happy place, so beautiful and peaceful and propelling me into summer mode whenever I’m around them. The straw theme of the bag subtly sets off my espadrilles, and the cut of the jeans is spot on for showing off the gorgeous lace detailing. Striped tops are always a go-to for me, especially with basic ensembles as they set them off really well – less is more definitely being the key here. It’s so easy to just throw one on and they do generally go with everything. The accessories work to give the outfit that lil’ bit of oomph while the stars of the show (the jeans, of course) can sit back and do their thing.

My earrings are another super find, tortoiseshell is a really cool thing in my eyes, and on earrings? Even better. Statement earrings have no doubt made 2017 their year and these fabulous hoops are no exception to the trend – proving to be one of my favourites as I truly think the power of earrings to excelling an outfit is so underrated. I contemplated getting them in M&S a few weeks back, but decided to wait until I started shopping for my summer pieces – thankfully they were still on the shelves as they’re sold out online! While speaking of Marks n Sparks, I wanted to share how impressed and wowed I am with their collections recently. Admittedly, I’ve always associated the brand with old women (sorry!) and so it’s never crossed my mind to look there for my clothes. But after popping in with my Mum a few months back to help her find a dress I was seriously left dreaming of certain items and still am! It’s now somewhere I check for basics and statement items, and has become a permanent browsing stop for my work break (plus I can get my lunch from the foodhall…). Go M&S!

I’m overjoyed with these recent buys, and I hope you like them as much as me! I can’t wait to style the basket up with some summery outfits as the weather (hopefully) warms up, and to get into holiday mode. As for the Cos denim, I’m always spotting clothes that I know will pair up incredibly, and so I can’t wait to put together a few more blogs featuring them. They’re almost out of stock in every size so I’ve left a few similar options below if you’re looking to buy some!

Thanks so much for reading!

Lily x


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