Circa Waves @ Rock City

The band visited Nottingham on their Different Creatures tour, supported by INHEAVEN and star act The Magic Gang.

Liverpool lads Circa Waves released their second album in March; a rockier and more soulful collection of songs than their upbeat, catchy debut Young Chasers. While the album was a chirpy and safe step onto the indie scene, Different Creatures explores a darker and more intriguing rock path, gaining a strong alternative following in its wake.

This time I managed to turn up ready for the first act to warm up Rock City’s stage on the 28th March: South Londoners, INHEAVEN. The heavy, punk sound they emitted captured the crowd and woke us up from any chilled anticipations we were expecting to have. The shouty yet enchanting vocals contrasted sweetly with the metallic instruments, throwing the senses into a wonderland of weird and strangely calming music. Their grunge look intrigued and their set certainly pumped everyone up for the next band.

The Magic Gang making magic

Perhaps the stars of the show, however, were Brighton rock band The Magic Gang. A quirky, sophisticated and pretty much magical musical talent belongs to the group, with the husky, gentle voice of Jack Kaye leading the way. The swaying tones are mesmerising but simultaneously spur infectious dancing; they’d be the perfect band to chill out to or get up and dance to – the choice is yours. A versatile, relaxing vibe is one of their treasurable assets, along with catchy lyrics and a cool image. If you’ve never heard of them, listen to ‘Lady Please’ or ‘How Can I Compete’ because The Magic Gang are definitely one to look out for in the future.

Attention grabbing instrumentals stormed through the strobe lights and sweaty atmosphere, catapulting the audience into the world of Circa Waves. Throwing it all out there with ‘Wake Up’ as their first song, the quartet rocked out in front of their graphic red set – matching their newest album cover.

Fans partying along to Circa Waves

Frontman Kieran Shudall encapsulated us with his charming, dense vocals, treating us next to several tracks from their debut album. The collaboration of bassist Sam Rourke, impeccable thrift of Colin Jones on the drums and smoothness of Joe Falconer playing guitar fused into a rainbow for the senses; mirroring the excitement and youthful spirits of those immersed in the music. You could practically taste (amidst beer) the ecstatic thrill radiated from the four on stage as they transitioned back into the joy of sharing their newest records which they clearly, and rightly so, were proud to play.

The band formed in 2013 after meeting through mutual friends, and their success spiralled with the release of their first single that first year. In February of 2014 ‘Stuck in my Teeth’ was named as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World and they went on to support alternative-rock gurus (and one of my all-time favourite bands) The 1975 on their UK tour.

Still quirky and humble, however, the boys seem to have taken fame in their stride and appear to be having as much fun as the fans dancing and singing along. And in response to the undeniable climax fans had anticipated (despite the cool evolution of the band’s sound) Circa Waves pleased all of our inner teenage indie desires by bringing their set to a close with ‘T-Shirt Weather.’ The buzz of a crowd left on a high note continued as we swarmed out of the venue, only eventually dying down as bodies dispersed onto Nottingham’s streets.

Circa Waves tour continues and they return for a number of festivals this summer.

Thanks for reading,

Peace x

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