Peace @ NTSU

The indie rock band kicked off the first of Topman On Tour with NME’s shows with a vibrant performance at Nottingham Trent Student’s Union.

The Topman / NME tour is set to visit ten universities in total across England and Scotland this month, finishing up at Loughborough on 31st March, with Peace playing several of the gigs alongside Fickle Friends and Devlin.

Last Tuesday, though, the line up at their Nottingham date included edgy band Clean Cut Kid and youngster Will Joseph Cook. It’s the first time Peace have headlined a show since the release of their latest album Happy People in 2015. This comes as the quartet, originally from Birmingham, have set about recording their much anticipated third album.

Pre-gig; sporting a TLSP top

Ironically wearing a The Last Shadow Puppets tee and slathered in glitter (of course) I prepared myself for the gig – although my imagination could not quite prepare me for the burst of electric energy and fun that was to come.

Peace erupted onto the stage amongst a mist of cheers and claps, and in front of a sea of raised hands grateful for their arrival; their drums emblazoned with the slogan ‘choose love.’ The effortlessly cool band (extra points for Samuel Koisser’s wonderful stripe combo) started with ‘Higher than the sun’ which immediately engrossed the audience and melted dreamily into the rest of their set.


Frontman Harrison Koisser’s twangy voice was authentic and honest amongst the funky guitar riffs and enticing drum beats. ‘Perfect Skin’ was so brilliantly executed I couldn’t see a single person able to refrain from dancing a little bit too crazily, and the crowd swayed along (bar the constant unstoppable mosh pit which had formed as soon as the doors opened and didn’t end until the final song was over) blissfully to ‘California Daze.’ But, for me, the real magic of the show was halfway through when the band paid tribute to Nirvana with a cover of ‘Drain You.’ Which, after finding out a few weeks ago that the famous grunge band – and one of my all time favourites – played the very same SU over twenty years ago, was pretty impressive. Peace managed to not kill the song, but instead injected their own flamboyant enthusiasm and quirky vocals into it, making it their own. Check out an excerpt below (ignore the poor quality, I was having too much fun).

The hippie ambassadors wrapped up with another one of my most loved of their tunes, ‘World Pleasure,’ and sent everyone off with a smile on their face and a racing heart (mostly from all the jumping around). They are one of those few bands whose lyrics, catchy melodies and stage presence combine to make you feel something special to carry with you long after the gig. I left with the same sensation you are subject to after bonfire night: a warm and content satisfaction in the pit of your stomach, sad that it’s over.

Peace x

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