LACE TOP | Charity shop
DENIM SKIRT | Topshop (old, similar 
SHOES | Cow Vintage
COAT | Zara (old) 

The sunny weather has really been tugging on my hopes for Spring this week; I love waking up to sunshine creeping under my blind – it definitely makes it a little easier to get out of bed and inspires my wardrobe even more so. Although it’s sadly not Birks weather yet (I’d like to retain some feeling in my toes while I’m walking to uni) this vintage ensemble kept me happy in the meantime. Lighter colours always remind me of warmer months and I love the cream hue of this lacy top. It’s easy to style and especially teamed with all year round go-to, my little denim skirt, it gives off chilled, retro vibes. The scallop detailing is such a simple quirk but adds a unique finish which I feel really compliments and flatters. I am very pale-skinned, which can mean that a lot of neutral colours wash me out and make me look on the verge of becoming a sleep-deprived zombie, but this top works to my advantage because of its cut-out pattern and therefore instead encourages my skin to glow. 

I try to avoid wearing black accessories where I can, as I think it can drag the colour palette down and interfere with a smooth outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I love black – but I’m an all or nothing kinda person, and black is no exception! I’ll either wear it head to toe, or (as I’m trying to do) not at all. I like how the blue of the denim compliments the off-white of my top, and then how the green coat and brown shoes flatter each other. I think these pairings fuse to create a classic silhouette with messy attributes, and a ‘thrown together’ but simultaneously considered look.

The ‘c’ necklace was my Mum’s when she was younger; I found it on a routine scour of her jewellery box. I like wearing it because the chain is so thin it’s barely there but at the same time adds a personal, individual element to my daily look.

This spurt of good weather has definitely spurred my productiveness on – everything feels a little better when it’s done under the warmth of the sun, right? Also, it’s a little easier to cope with a uni workload and find the time for friends, gym and winding down now the days are getting longer. Now I’m anticipating late nights sat out in the beer garden, barbecues and picnics (too soon?).

Thanks for reading!

Peace x 

ph: Chloe Jacks

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