Lust List: March

Spring is on the horizon and I’m so down for it. As much as I love winter’s knits and big coats I can’t wait to bare my ankles without getting frostbite and (dare I say it) maybe even reintroduce my Birkenstocks to the world. Lighter, warmer and smoother accessories can come into play and I’ve never been so ready to bask in the (cold) sun.

1 – Tortoiseshell earrings. Yes, my hoop obsession continues but I love them too much to care. I’m loving the retro vibes these beauties from M&S and ASOS are giving off and am dying to get my hands on a pair to jazz up my boring silver selection. Both styles are super cheap but don’t look it thanks to the good old classy tortoise.

2 – The hoop handle bag. Unintentionally referencing back to hoops (I promise they haven’t taken over my whole wardrobe…), the sleek handbags I’ve been seeing are a sophisticated transition through to next season. This Mango tote is practically begging for a space in my Spring wardrobe and I’m tempted to give it one.

3 – The white jeans. The only colour for Spring: minimalist and elegant (as long as you don’t spill ketchup on them like I’m bound to). I’m loving the off-white take on the trend though, this ‘vanilla’ pair from Cos are gorgeous.

4 – Jewellery bowls. My boyfriend is on the verge of moving into his first home and so I’m stalking interiors stores like mad (more on this as it comes). I’ve found some great inspiration and gathered a lot of ideas but one little ornament I’m all over is the trinket bowl. With my growing earring collection where better to store them all? This one is from At No. 67 (an amazing Scandi shop).

5 – Vinyl of the month. The Hunna are a pretty new indie band but after seeing them support Coasts at a small venue in Nottingham in 2015 I was hooked. Their debut album 100 sports raw, bouncy tunes that you’ll end up screaming to while driving down the M4 (guilty). They have a unique, rocky sound and are well worth seeing live – check them out if you haven’t already! ‘She’s Casual’ is dreamy and completely addictive.

6 – The Breton top. I am a self-obsessed stripe junkie – so much so that when I go shopping with a certain friend of mine she steers me away from any stripes I might be pondering. But, it’s come to the stage where I need to invest in a new Breton to refresh my tired selection, and this one from Toast could be just the ticket.

7 – Old Skool Vans. My trainer choices are slowly dwindling and I’d like to say RIP to all the faithful pairs I’ve lost over the years. My previously loved New Balance are fading away and I’m going to need something to replace them when they’re gone. Queue the classic Vans (from Office): vintage-cool, durable and so so versatile. Good riddance NBs!

8 – Coconut Body Butter. The Body Shop is the only brand I really trust for all over moisturising, as I have to be careful with such dry-prone sensitive skin. I recently tried to get my favourite shimmer coconut butter but, sadly it’s been discontinued (I did almost cry) so I’ll have to settle for the original version. The tropical scent keeps me dreaming of summer weather, even on the most typically British of days.

Thanks for reading!

Peace x

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