90s Child










Jumper | Cow Vintage
Tommy Hilfiger dungarees | Cow Vintage
Trainers | Adidas 

All hail the 90s! I was only a baby in the decade but my sister was a teenager and I have vivid memories of her getting ready to go out clubbing listening to sassy girl bands, parading around in an oversized Spice Girls t-shirt, so the era is nostalgic and special to me.

Vintage is my thing, and recently I have acquired some great pieces from Cow vintage, a haven of quirky upcycled treasures that I fell in love with last year when exploring Nottingham for the first time (they also have stores in Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester and recently opened one in Liverpool). Vintage shopping gives me a buzz that no other kind does (and trust me I love shopping) because old, unwanted clothes have a story to tell and styles can be rediscovered by a new owner. Cow has a fab selection of denim, floral dresses and reworked Ralph Lauren crop tops. Sometimes you can even find a battered pair of Docs or old school trainers for a ridiculously cheap price (it’s ideal for stingy students like me!).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Nottingham has some groovy little vintage and charity shops, which I scour for stand out items that are a bit kooky and ambitious. Bold colours, funky materials and strange cuts are what I tend to opt for, giving items like these a new lease of life by incorporating them into my wardrobe amongst more modern and staple pieces.

Dungarees have long been my favourite thing – I live in them because they work all year round. When I found these Tommy Hilfigers my inside cried and I knew I had to have them. The baggy trousers, cute logo and faded tone had me looking like I’d walked straight off the set of Fresh Prince of Bel Air and who doesn’t want to recreate that iconic 90s flair?

On a trip not long after I fell in love with the striped jumper. I can’t get enough of the cropped fit, statement colour palette and chunky knit (and the stripes, I’m all about stripes). It’s a bit itchy but so worth it, and I had heart palpitations on the way to buy it a couple of days later in case some other savvy shopper had snapped it up (I wouldn’t have blamed them).

My Superstar trainers are now past the awful sparkly white stage and have a bit of a worn-in look about them, adding to the dated effect along with their chunky soles. The magic created is possibly my favourite ensemble ever, comfy, colourful and so nineties. Thanks to Cow for making all my vintage dreams come true (and for ruining my bank balance).

Peace x

ph: Daniel Brace 

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