Dare to Flare

The flared sleeve is Spring’s undoubtedly chic trend: effortlessly cool and easy to pull off. If my purse allowed it I’d have invested in probably every style on the high street because, let’s face it, the flare isn’t going anywhere. Ideal for beating the cold of these chilly but sunny months (no one’s ready for bare arms yet…right?) but hinting to summer with an airy and relaxed vibe.

These are my favourite picks, but there are plenty more options out there too if you want a pop of colour or a slightly more subtle sleeve. For me, though, I’m loving the neutral and almost clinical presentation of stripes, surgical white, grey and (especially) gingham.

1 – M&S I am desperate to get my hands on this amazing, elaborate flute-sleeve jumper (and have even been in store to try it on several times…). It’s an amazing, soft material and light enough for milder weather.

2 – Topshop  Gingham is my fave pattern right now, just add flared sleeves and that’s my dream blouse right there.

3 – Urban Outfitters I love the pale pink hue of the dress, it makes the season’s biggest colour look tough rather than girlie and the raw-hem sleeves give it that bit of edge.

4 – M&S This shirt is limited edition, so get there quick! I’ve admittedly tried this one on too, and if they’d had my size it would have been too hard to say no…

5 – ASOS The classic white shirt with a twist. A pinnacle wardrobe staple – but if the typical cut bores you this season it’s been given a seriously cool update.

6 – ASOS I’m literally counting all my pennies to see if I can snap up this incredible nautical dress. The silhouette is flattering and the midi length is ideal for Spring weather – wear with fishnets for extra points (I told you I’m obsessed).

Thanks for reading!

Peace x

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