Leopard Lovin’









BLOUSE vintage from Backlash Nottingham (similar here)
SKIRT  BDG at Urban Outfitters (borrowed)
LOAFERS Topshop (similar here)
COAT Primark (old, similar here)

You may have noticed (if you follow me on Instagram especially) I’m a little bit obsessed with this leopard print blouse. I stumbled across it at one of my favourite vintage hideaways, Backlash, here in Nottingham, where my friends and I always leave with something special. At first glance I was worried it might be a bit Dot Cotton (but then again she is quite a style idol!) or too granny-ish to suit me, but after trying it on and checking the incredible price tag (£4.99) I had to have it. Styled with the right accessories I knew it would be a key item – and it has been just that, shown by me using any excuse I can to show it off!

As promised I’ve also had my hair coloured, going a bit blonder than before (I’m still getting used to it…) and sorting out my awful split ends and tell-tale roots. I usually put off getting my hair done because as a student it’s such a hefty price, but it’s a real confidence booster and so nice to feel glam again after spending three hours in the salon! It’s also a bit of a mood brightener when there’s so much negative activity being spread around at the moment, particularly by Donald Trump and his appalling actions which will demolish so much of the progress the world has made.

Ps: major thanks to Issy for loaning me this skirt – now I desperately need to get one of my own!

Peace x

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