Think Pink









TOP Zara (old, similar here)
JEANS Topshop

I am not a pink person. End of. I avoid wearing the colour at all costs because it really just doesn’t suit me – or so I thought.

Pink is SS/17’s BIG colour, so I pushed my stubborn pink-hating ways aside and took the plunge by buying one of the main trends right now, a puffa jacket. These are also a fashion icon that I’ve often shuddered at, but the comfort and ease they provide is game changing, and they have become a key part of stylish wardrobes in the last few years.

I saw a couple of friends wearing versions of this coat, from places like Topshop and Urban Outfitters, but unfortunately my budget (which is currently focused on summer festivals and holiday saving) wouldn’t stretch to that expense. Which is why I was sold when I found basically the exact same one in Primark for a fraction of the price (£18 – too good not to boast). Since then I’ve practically ate, slept and walked to the gym and back in this wonder, which is not only a warm and easy refuge to hide behind when it’s windy (or I’m suffering from a serious Thursday hangover) but actually is a cool fashion gem.

The only downside to be wary of is that sometimes, as seen in the above shoot, it strikes up a fine line between edgy street style and Whitney from Eastenders (I’m getting my roots done next week, promise).

Peace x

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