Gingham Girl















BLOUSE Topshop 
JEANS Whistles
BAG Topshop (sold out)

It’s rare that I treat myself to an all-new outfit, but I loved these pieces and knew they’d all work as key, individual items to see me through Spring.

I fell in love with this gingham blouse when on a shopping trip in Birmingham but forced myself to wait until my loan came in to buy it – as soon as I tried it on I knew it would fit right into my wardrobe! The bows are so cute and take it from a simple shirt to a stand out accessory.

These jeans were an absolute dream buy – down from £95 to £28 (!!!) in the Whistles sale I was literally mind blown. They fit the exact description of the pair I’ve been searching for: cropped, raw hem and an indigo blue. I can already tell they’re going to be my favourite ever pair, with such good quality, comfort and versatility (I’ll be wearing them all the time and they’ll go with everything).

I found the leopard print bag sifting aimlessly through the Topshop sale, not really looking for anything in particular. It caught my eye as I’ve been longing for a cheap (but not cheap-looking) bag like this for practically as long as I can remember, and at £10 my luck was in. I’ll mostly use it for nights out and day trips when I don’t need to carry a lot with me, as it’s not got much space inside (but it looks fab).

I tried to buy these loafers in the Boxing Day sale, but being the student that I am (Friday is my day off) I had a lie in and by the time I woke up they were sold out of my size. Thankfully Topshop brought them back out this season and not wanting to take the risk again I snapped them up instantly. They’re the perfect S/S shoe, flat and formal and a little bit cooler for when the sun kicks in (if it ever does).

Peace x

(Photo cred: Jack Smith)

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