Monochrome Mood













TOP Zara
SKIRT Vintage (similar here)
BOOTS Topshop (similar here)
BAG Dorothy Perkins 

Last week I indulged in a naughty shopping trip with a friend and picked up some key new pieces. I’ve been keeping an eye out for the right leather skirt and met my match in one of my favourite vintage shops in Nottingham, Baklash. Originally from Chelsea Girl, it’s the ideal addition to my AW wardrobe and goes with basically everything. Especially this white t-shirt, for which I endured the painful Zara queue – so long it gave me time to regret everything I’d bought (it was a bargain at ten pounds, though, so I’m not letting myself feel too guilty). Together they make the perfect monochrome combination, one of my favourite go-to looks of all time. The white version of the top is unfortunately sold out (there were at least 3 people in front of me in the queue also buying it!) but there are other colours left and you can shop similar here.

My ‘lizard print’ cross-body bag is only from Dorothy Perkins but in my eyes it looks a lot more expensive – proof that you don’t need to shop designer to pull together a sophisticated outfit. Just keep jewellery minimal: I usually only wear my watch, two rings and silver hoop earrings unless the outfit needs an extra something in which case I’ll throw on a necklace.

Monochrome works at this time of year as there’s so much colour going on elsewhere – I love when the leaves fall and the scenery looks so rich and pretty. It’s also a welcome break from the eclectic and colourful styles of summer.

Peace x

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