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In the past week or so I’ve been settling into my new house in Notts, and after admittedly being a little OCD on the decorating (one of my pals once likened me to Monica from Friends) I’ve finally perfected it how I want and my room feels more like my home.

Last year in halls of residence I crammed all of my possessions into such a small room, and despite being homely it was so overcrowded and dark (you can see my post on last year’s room here). So I’ve decided to keep the theme more minimal and airy this time round, focusing on a white palette to emphasise the natural light in the room. Being me I had to jazz things up a bit, so instead of hanging my tapestry throw on the wall I’ve used it to cover the ugly desk in my room. I received a light box from a friend as a birthday gift and they’re fab for an extra point of interest (and they’re also pretty fun). Buy similar here.

I’ve been told that my room is like an indoor rain forest because of the amount of plants I haul around with me, but they compliment that basic white colour scheme so well. I think they add a bit of life into a room (although I’m shockingly bad at remembering to water them). You can actually get some really cool ones too: Homebase and IKEA are my go-to plant sellers and there are some great independent shops around. If you’re a bit forgetful like me, cacti are low maintenance and still look cool.

My favourite feature is definitely still my Crosley record player: I love the funky burnt orange colour; it discreetly gives a plain room some character and now my vinyl collection is growing I can listen for hours on end. Buy similar here.

Fairy lights always make a uni room feel more cosy, and having pictures of friends and family is an easy way to make you less homesick (unless you’re too busy partying like me)! If you download the Free Prints app it gives you 45 free print outs a month and you just have to pay for postage so that’s well worth investing in if your room looks too empty or you want to brighten up a wall.

The only downside to being chilled and comfortable in a uni house or halls room is that in a year’s time you’ve got to pack up and find somewhere else to stay!

Peace x


Author: lilyroseking

20, blogger and journalism student at Nottingham Trent University. Music lover, fashion admirer and travel dreamer. Vintage and charity shopping, collecting records and drinking beer is what I do best.

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