One for the Road






DRESS BDG @ Urban Outfitters

I managed to find the time to squeeze in one last post in Brecon before I hit the road Saturday and get back into the swing of uni life once more (a.k.a spend the next few weeks intoxicated and catching up with friends and suffering from hungover impulse buys). I’m excited to be living somewhere that has more than one nightclub, a better selection of shops than the humble Peacocks and Mountain Warehouse and to have my own house to throw parties in. I also can’t wait to see the mates I’ve genuinely struggled without these past three months and (obviously) to decorate my new room.

I picked up this 60s inspired shift dress from Urban Outfitters a few months ago and kind of forgot about it until I started packing. I’m a lil’ bit obsessed with backless tops/jumpsuits/dresses right now – it’s a simple feature but if done right adds a touch of class and elegance (something I otherwise struggle with in life).

Catch ya on the flip side Wales.

Peace x

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