Home away from home

Home away from home

DUVET COVER / CUSHIONS / GREY THROW / LAMP / RUG all IKEA RECORD PLAYER Crosley SLIPPERS Primark In the past week or so I've been settling into my new house in Notts, and after admittedly being a little OCD on the decorating (one of my pals once likened me to Monica from Friends) I've [...]

One for the Road

DRESS BDG @ Urban Outfitters I managed to find the time to squeeze in one last post in Brecon before I hit the road Saturday and get back into the swing of uni life once more (a.k.a spend the next few weeks intoxicated and catching up with friends and suffering from hungover impulse buys). I'm [...]

Denim for days

T-SHIRT American Apparel (old) DENIM DRESS Urban Outfitters BOOTS Doc Martens Soaking up the last of the Welsh sites before I head back for round 2 of uni! My denim dress was a recent bargain (£15) in the Urban Outfitters Sale, which made my bank balance sigh with relief. Photo cred: Anna Herring Peace x