The Black Maxi










HAT Oasis
MAXI DRESS Missguided
SPORTS BRA Calvin Klein
SANDALS Birkenstock
BACKPACK Vintage Helix

A summer staple – the classic maxi dress. For years we’ve incorporated them into our holiday wardrobes and chilled in them for warm evenings under the stars. Maxi dresses elude the ultimate relaxed vibe; but instead of choosing a typical standard one I’ve opted to mix it up a bit with Missguided’s edgier alternative that has leg slits on either side and oversized arm-holes. I couldn’t resist it at £4 in the sale with 70% off and student discount (there’s still some sale stuff left so go snap it up).

A great option for hot, muggy days as proved when I took the opportunity in London last weekend to try it out. As someone who is very liable to sun burn it’s great because it protected most of me yet I could still keep cool because of the cut-out sides – plus it was a comfy choice for exploring all day and hopping on and off the tube. Abroad it would work as a beach cover-up over a bikini and as it’s black it goes with pretty much any shoes or accessories. I’m a big fan of black clothing so if I can get away with wearing it at this time of year I’m all for it!

Hope everyone’s having a fab summer!

Peace x

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