Lust List: July

This month I’m craving anything that will make me feel like I’m on holiday when really I’m stuck in rainy Wales: queue ultra-light beach hair, green plants overload and a summer romance read so I can escape if even for a little bit.


Suki Waterhouse is on top form with her I-woke-up-like-this platinum waves (plus blonde hair looks so much sexier with red lippy).

I’m pretB02N_250x430.pngty lucky in that my hair naturally dries curly after being washed, so I end up with a beachy feel to it every day. But, my actually colour is a mousy brown, so I have to dye it to get the mix of blondes that collaborate to give my hair a sun kissed, beach inspired look. This month I’m hoping to go a bit blonder and freshen my roots for the summer season, as seen from some of my hair inspo above. If your hair is naturally straight, or you’re looking for a more tousled, messy surf texture, sea salt sprays work wonders to give your hair a boost. Try this Bumble & Bumble surf spray for ‘sexy, beachy, windswept styles,’ £9.50 at Boots.




k1220817__kirstie_24.03.16_mc_776934This summer, it’s all about the crochet. I’m talking bikinis, tops, bags – basically anything that looks like it’s been knitted by your gran goes. Headed for a week in an exotic location? Be sure to pack colourful swimwear like Missguided’s Rastafarian number. Off to one of Britain’s beloved festivals? Invest in a crochet crop top to don rain or shine, unpredictable UK style. Or, take along a crochet blanket for a little picnic twist.



normal_d-i-y-terrarium-kitStylish terrarium planters add a simple touch of nature to any home, especially brightening up any minimalist room. I desperately want some for my bed
room, but as I’m not quite a DIY Queen yet I’m not sure how I’d attach them to my ceiling. You can buy handy kits to help you arrange them though, like this one from Not on The High Street and they look just as good as an ornament on a table or bookshelf. 2016-06-15 (1)

I’m also
lusting after anything with a banana leaf print, like this Dolce and Gabanna phone case (but at £215 I’ve opted to order 732464_in_ppthe cheaper eBay version for a fraction of the price…) and Urban Outfitter’s AH-mazing printed diary. I’d never miss an appointment if I had that baby in my life.



Elegance and minimalism – that’s the face of Daniel Wellington’s beautifully simple watch collection. I’m a sucker for monochrome – it’s my go-to fashion staple whenever I’m stuck, and a black and white palette may be considered the safe option, but a watch like the Sheffield model is timeless and will undoubtedly match any outfit. Plus, no matter how much my taste changes I’d be guaranteed to still love it in 10 years time, making it an obvious investment.


Last Summer I was utterly hooked on The Storyteller, by Jody Picoult. So much so that I trooped through it on my week-long holiday to Crete, starting on the plane there, glued to it on my sun lounger, and finished it on the plane back home. It is genuinely the best book I have ever read, so if you’re yet to read it I urge you to make it your summer goal. This year I’m looking for a book that’s just as good, so I can lie on my garden chair and be so engrossed I won’t realise that I’m not in Greece. The line up so far consists of To Kill a Mockingbird (a classic but alas I have never read it) and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins; but if you have any better suggestions I’d be more than willing to try them out!


These seeme2016-07-01d to be a one-off trend a few years ago, but combined with 2016’s lace-up shoe trend espadrilles are back in a big way. I fell in love with Circus by Sam Edelman’s Lily flatform espadrilles, but the black ones sold out before I could get them (which broke my heart). But there are plenty of others out there that captured my attention and soothed the heartache. Shop my favourites below.

2016-07-01 (2)


2016-07-01 (1)





Until next time! Peace x

2 thoughts on “Lust List: July

  1. just have been viewing all your photos fabulous, you will go a long way I am a fan keep sending lots of love nan Christine xxx


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