First Day of Summer









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BOOTS DR Martens //
WATCH Urban Outfitters //

It’s been over a week since being back in Brecon for the summer, and as officially the ‘first day’ the weather has lived up to expectations. I’m already missing the buzz of city life in Nottingham, but being away from home for so long has pushed me to realise what a beautiful part of the world I live in, and how much I’ve taken my mum for granted before uni. It’s such a luxury having my meals cooked for me and my clothes washed for free! I also get to spend time with my family and my dog (above), even though he pretty much hates me unless I’m walking him or giving him food. 

A downside to being home is that I’ve lost my usual photographer Chloe, and have had to resort to bribing my little brother: he only agreed to take these pictures for me if I went and got him a crate of Fosters.

I bought this pinafore dress from Zara last season after falling in love with it, and picked up the nude long sleeved tee from one of my favourite charity shops in Notts for a couple of pounds.

At the moment I’m working and saving money for the months of freedom ahead: watch this space for posts about what I’m up to this summer (as it is official now, even if the weather sometimes disagrees)!

Also! Remember the EU referendum is on Thursday, and whatever you’re choosing to vote, please remember not to waste it! I’m voting in because I believe we’re stronger together and the support and alliances we share is not something to be taken for granted. Once we’re out, we’re out forever so choose wisely my friends!

Peace x

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