Lust List: June

As a poor student I can’t afford to (or rather shouldn’t) shop all the time, so I’ve decided to dedicate one post a month to the things I would buy if I had money… 


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Click to shop:  GREY CULOTTES Berksha // CULOTTE JUMPSUIT Asos

If I had my way, the entirety of my wardrobe would be culottes. They’re the ultimate comfort trousers: airy and loose, but also hella stylish and perfect for a British summer. My new favourite thing, though, is a culotte jumpsuit – genius. I’m in love with the nautical striped ASOS number (above), it’s simple and classic yet still makes a statement and would look great at a BBQ or on hols.



Reading Festival is only a couple of months away, so I’m preparing by brushing up on my lyrics to sing embarrassingly along to all the artists I can’t wait to see. On the top of the list (obviously) are the Saturday headliners and one of my fave bands, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. If my purse wasn’t so empty I’d invest in one of their records to help me get in the festival mood.



Oversized hooped earrings give a 70s kinda vibe to any outfit (as seen in this Vogue cover from the 70s). One of my uni pals has some sort of addiction to them and since spending so much time with her I’ve become a lil bit obsessed as well. They’ve been reclaimed from their less fashionable days and are, in my opinion, the ultimate summer jewellery accessory.


Getting one of these babies has been on my to do list for a long time, but I haven’t ever gotten round to it. My room is plastered with pictures I’ve had printed, but they don’t compare to the spontaneous and uniqueness of a Polaroid print. Because the film is so expensive, you actually value the individual photographs you take rather than snapping away at irrelevant things on an iPhone.


I’ve recently started practising yoga, but I lack motivation 90% of the time whenever any kind of exercise is involved. I feel like if I was wearing some of the gym range fashion gurus Missguided have released I’d be a LOT more inclined to go for a run or perfect my downward dog (which by the way is harder than it sounds).


Occasionally, in Britain, we are graced with the presence of the sun. And anyone as pale as me (borderline Casper the ghost) will know the struggle of sunburn and how important it is to keep protected from the sun. Therefore it’s a pretty smashing job that caps are back in fashion this year and I don’t have to try and put sun cream on my scalp or retreat to the shade when my head feels all tingly.


My trainer selection is way behind the times and my wardrobe is in great need of a new addition. I love how Reebok is making a comeback, but it makes me sad that I owned these classics in about 2009 when they weren’t so cool. I’m also a sucker for Adidas Superstars, they look good with pretty much everything but I want some to wear with my faded mom jeans and a white t-shirt.

Until next time,

Peace x


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