Alexa Chung X M&S

One of my biggest style icons and fashion idols, Alexa Chung, has recently collaborated with high street faves Marks and Spencers to release an ‘exclusive clothing collection.’

It reminisces vintage items from M&S’ history, reinventing a select number of archive pieces to make classics appealing to a modern breed of fashion consumer whilst incorporating Alexa’s unique personal style. The combination of contemporary class and youthful nostalgia embodies Alexa’s fun and creative perspective, emphasised by the items she chose to bring back to 2016 life. Think Jack Wills-style woolly jumpers, dogtooth print, Chelsea boots and slinky camis and dresses. As Alexa herself said:

I just found the future of Marks and Spencers in the past

Alexa during the archive project

I’m lusting over the Edna shirt (top left): a tribute to Chung’s childhood painting apron and hand-me-down from her dad; the Olive slip (bottom) and the Ada trousers (top right).

Much of my wardrobe is influenced by Alexa’s quirky and independent style, more so than any other model or celebrity. Her laid back persona teamed with her sleek, put-together look would be impossible to recreate, but some aspects of what she wears and how she wears it haveĀ provided me with inspiration in the way I put together outfits. I relate to her style being a masculine interpretation of girlish clothes: I’m usually in a dress but I’ll throw an oversized jumper on top or team it with boots for a grungier vibe, in the same way Alexa styles her miniskirts with baggy jackets, or dresses with boyish trainers.

(All images not my own).

The full M&S Archive collection is available to shop online or in store, and you can check out the cool vintage inspired promo video here.

Hope you love it as much as I do!

Peace x

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