Alexa Chung X M&S

One of my biggest style icons and fashion idols, Alexa Chung, has recently collaborated with high street faves Marks and Spencers to release an ‘exclusive clothing collection.’

It reminisces vintage items from M&S’ history, reinventing a select number of archive pieces to make classics appealing to a modern breed of fashion consumer whilst incorporating Alexa’s unique personal style. The combination of contemporary class and youthful nostalgia embodies Alexa’s fun and creative perspective, emphasised by the items she chose to bring back to 2016 life. Think Jack Wills-style woolly jumpers, dogtooth print, Chelsea boots and slinky camis and dresses. As Alexa herself said:

I just found the future of Marks and Spencers in the past

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Vintage Car Show











SHIRT vintage
SHORTS vintage Levis
SHOES vintage from COW Nottingham

The best outings are always the spontaneous ones! Yesterday’s sun meant it would be rude to stay inside and revise (although I probably should have)… so my flatmates and I took an impromptu roadtrip to Wollaton Hall, one of my favourite places I’ve discovered since moving to Nottingham, where we stumbled upon a vintage car show. I’m not one to hide my love for vintage clothing and furniture, and as of today that extends to old fashioned cars as well. Why would you want a modern car that can parallel park itself when you could have a shiny red one that makes you feel a little bit like you’re living in the 60s?

The annual Autokarna motor show has been held at Wollaton Park for over forty years, and displays an impressive selection of buses, cars, motorbikes, ambulances and police cars (but most importantly there’s a licensed bar and a funfair). I particularly liked the cars that look like Brum, a childhood classic, and the good old VW campers. One day I will own one and take it on a roadtrip across America. But for now I’m happy with my little Ford Fiesta which will be taking me back home to Wales at the end of the week for summer away from the city.

Have a good week friends,

Peace x