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CROP TOP new look //  CULOTTES zara // SANDALS Birkenstock

As much as I love dresses, I’m a massive advocate for ditching feminine skirts for trousers and a more masculine style. Most of the vintage items I buy are men’s checked shirts and oversized tees, and in today’s society jeans have become probably the biggest staple for everyday womenswear. 

I picked these culottes up from Zara in Paris last September, and they’re in the running for the comfiest item of my wardrobe yet! I’m obsessed with stripes (as anyone who knows me well will already understand) and I love the colour palette and chiffon material. They’re the perfect length and cut for this time of year, when it’s not hot enough to don shorts but too stuffy for jeans.

My sudden love for masculine outfits is probably inspired by my current obsession with Peaky Blinders (I’m a bit behind the hype as usual I know), the first two series’of which I powered through in about three days because, well, it’s just so cool. Although the ladies are dressed to the nines in beautiful dresses so common in that era, I’m more interested in the suave suits the men are constantly wearing (and in Tommy Shelby…) Their effortless gangster cool has endless appeal and whatever mischief they’ve been up to the men seem to look as if they’ve got it together. The 1920s, the period season 3 is set in, was a big step for fashion as women began wearing trousers and therefore the strict lines dictating what should or should not be classed as suitable clothing for women became increasingly blurred.

Also, I didn’t think anyone could make the brummy accent sound attractive but Cillian Murphy seems to have cracked it.

Big up to Chloe for taking these pics,

Peace x

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