Emerge Photo Fest: CODA X American Apparel











As an attendee of Nottingham Trent University, I think it’s important to support and commemorate the work of fellow students, regardless of what course they might be studying. The creative art courses particularly resonate with me, though, as I study journalism and therefore am drawn to visual exhibitions like photography and the aspects that contribute to finalised works like magazines and reports. 

Enter NTU Photography students! EMERGE is Trent’s 20th annual BA photography photo festival, displaying completed portfolios of 100 students which were the result of pure ‘hard work, extensive study and research.’ The independent festival is organised completely by the students, for others to enjoy and celebrate the creativity of photography. Various venues throughout the city centre will be showcasing the art of different students over a two week period. You can read more about the photo festival here, on the official EMERGE website.

As part of the festival, CODA has teamed up with Nottingham’s American Apparel store to present an exhibition featuring the work of seven students. These include: Abigail Russell, Jasmine Darrell, Jemma Tilley, Lelde Garanca, Melody Armstrong, Natalia Golebiowska and Nirah Sanghani. The intriguing and diverse exhibition, which I visited earlier today, stands out as something extravagantly different (in a good way). American Apparel is clearly the perfect choice of location, as the minimalistic colour palette, wired studio space and bright white lighting compliments the edgy, modern vibe of the photography being showcased. Two artists that caught my attention were Natalia Golebiowska, whose abstract photos of architecture are aesthetically pleasing in a beautiful but dark way, as the skies highlight a moody atmosphere; and Lelde Garanca’s fashion photography, which features her three year learning process on the course. Her photographs are quirky and urban, and seem to have a raw quality to them that I love.

If you haven’t checked it out already, the exhibit is definitely worth taking a look at. There will also be a launch night on the 30th May with a free drink and cupcake. American Apparel is located at 46 Bridlesmith Gate, NG1 2GP.

Peace x

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