Suns out Birks out


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Whoever decided that students should sit exams in the Summer obviously hated students.  Just as the stress of revision and deadlines is all getting too much, the weather decides to sort itself out. What a coincidentally perfect excuse for a study break…

I’ve been patiently waiting since November, when I reluctantly put my Birkenstocks away into the depths of my wardrobe, for it to be socially acceptable to get them back out and wear them once again. If you haven’t got a pair I would definitely invest. Once summer has started I don’t grace my feet with any other shoes; they’re the comfiest sandals I’ve ever owned and their chunky ugliness makes them cool. Plus they go with literally everything!

My parents recently came to stay – aka every uni student’s dream – meaning I got the perks of a half decent meal out instead of my shabby cooking, and a little clothes shop (hurrah!). I picked up these trousers from a great vintage shop called Braderie and haven’t taken them off since the sun’s been shining. I think it would be safe to say I’m in love.

To top off my crazy packed schedule at the moment its also my sister’s wedding this weekend, so I’ll be heading down to Honiton, Devon to fulfil my bridesmaids duties! Another sneaky excuse not to revise…

Thanks to Chlo for photographing,

Peace x

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