NFW: Street Style


JEANS Topshop // SHOES vintage



TEE Topshop // COAT Primark // SUNGLASSES vintage // NECKLACE John Lewis


DRESS Urban Outiftters // HAT Oasis // LEATHER JACKET Topshop // BOOTS Doc Martens// BAG vintage

The first ever Nottingham Fashion Week is over (alas) but it has left a lasting impression of fresh brands and styles to tide us over until the next one. There’s been a mixture of hidden gems in the form of independent brands that have emerged with a selection of unique collections, such as ULLR & SKADE and Thrift Generation. The week has also made way for charity fashion shows and catwalks, and the Style Show Live hosted by radio one DJ Alice Levine, giving the opportunity for everyone to enjoy something and celebrate the dynamic fashion vibe Nottingham has to offer.

My favourite part of any event is checking out what everyone else is wearing – I love how everyone has their own individual look and personal fashion – so I’ve included a selection of my favourite street style outfits from throughout the week!

Most of my style inspiration comes from what I see other people wearing, like a pair of trousers or some cool earrings, and fall in love with. I piece my wardrobe together this way more than through magazines or high street campaigns because it means I have an excuse to go vintage and charity shopping to find a certain item that I’m looking for. I don’t like to base what I wear entirely on current brands like Topshop, because I feel I’d lose the sense of my personal style, so I pick and chose between vintage and modern for a more eclectic look.









Tilly’s necklace is from an Etsy shop called Bijoux Brut – you can shop here for their amazing selection of creative handmade jewellery.

Peace x

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